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Topic Subject:ICU & City Block Competitions
Bryan Parry
posted 06-27-04 03:43 ET (US)         
so, I understand there used to be another board called ICU in which there was a city block building competition. Two questions:

1. IS there any liklihood of a similar competition now?

2. Where there any notable blocks that haven't been found in the Housing block thread (I am particularly interested in small blocks)

Granite Q
posted 07-03-04 03:34 ET (US)     1 / 1       
Sincere apologies for not answering your post earlier, Bryan; quite honestly in all the hurly-burly of the big Emperor competition I completely missed it.

So... ICU was a website that ran competitions, unfortunately it has now closed down
I don't recall a city block building competition there, but I could well be wrong.

Generally speaking, here we try to run regular competitions over all the city building games (Caesar III, Pharaoh/Cleo, Zeus/Poseidon and now Emperor); they follow a format of building a city and trying to maximise some aspect of the city in a given time, or possibly completing a given task in the quickest time.

For information on small housing blocks, I think you will get a better response in the appropriate 'game help' forum.

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Cheers !!
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