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Pharaoh: Scenario Design
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Topic Subject:Map with good trade routes and resources
posted 02-17-15 19:04 ET (US)         

I wonder if anyone created kind of a "perfect" map for Pharaoh? With all or most of the resources in-map or possible to trade? Can I download it?

I usually have the urge to play this game again, but them I need to create a scenario with good trade routes, and its a pain to modify the trade routes.
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posted 02-17-15 19:35 ET (US)     1 / 5       
Hi DouglasRAC,

If I haven't already said it, welcome to Pharaoh Heaven.

You could use the Sandbox mission (or one of the variants with monuments), which comes with the game (although it wasn't in the earliest version). It can produce most things and can also (eventually) trade a lot with other cities. I've used Sandbox for testing several times.

Not all players want the same thing. I like overcoming production and trade challenges, and therefore prefer maps where it is difficult (although possible) to create and import enough stuff to create a beautiful city.
posted 02-17-15 20:19 ET (US)     2 / 5       
Hi Brugle,

Thanks for the reply.

Well I also like some challenge, but for example, I usually have problems when I start a game because there isn't enough Gods to upgrade the house to full (or more than the needed; I think its needed 4 gods; so I don't want 3 or 5).
Sometimes its impossible to import everything necessary to upgrade the houses fully (such as x types of food) or to make a pyramid (x type of rock is unavailable).
Sometimes the map is too small or the terrain makes it impossible to make a city big enough to support the construction of a pyramid.

So basically what I want is a huge flat map with basic needs covered and possibility to import all the other needs, in a way that I can grow to have palatial states and pyramids.

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posted 02-18-15 02:23 ET (US)     3 / 5       
I have some maps on the site, they have 99% of the good available (some are missing if they aren't needed for monuments, like paint and oil).
But they only have three gods. Which really isn't that big of a deal. You can change that yourself in the map editor in less then a minute.

But my maps also have frequent large gold requests and population plunges due to events (like plague of frogs, or river of blood). And a fair amount of requests (that I haven't outlined anywhere). They are also usually unnatural landscapes. Since everything is all right angles. And It's mostly grass for farming, rather then flood plains, and very little to no military activity. Which is why I only have 3 gods. Osiris and Seth aren't usually necessary (when Seth is, he's one of the three)
posted 02-18-15 06:12 ET (US)     4 / 5       
That sounds very good to me Where can I download?

About the number of Gods, I don't know. Its being years I don't play this game, but if I'm not wrong, some house upgrades required being served by at least 4 gods.

P.S.: Ok I just searched and its 3 Gods. So your map is perfect.

P.S.2.: Ok so I got your map "A meeting of gread lands" and you made a huge farming area at the bottom of the map. The problem is how do you manage to have workers in those farms without having houses nearby? I created a residential area near it, but its never near enough. I will need to create house in the farming area, next to the farm. Is that how it works? Because I'm making houses like this:

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posted 02-18-15 16:52 ET (US)     5 / 5       
I'll see if I have a game of it going, else it'll be a bit before I can get on up.
But yes, you do have to have housing units. I've a few strategies for it. Usually groups of houses instead of farms, I might do a quick mock up on paint if I don't. (I don't have a good computer, or screen shot capabilities atm. The computer I'm currently using is 10yrs old..which is why I've not watched the video you linked to.)
I also haven't played the map on much more then very easy. So it will need more fire stations and such. (I usually just fiddle with my building styles as the absences of something is shown)
Here is a quick example, I didn't explain in the pic, but I also use road blocks to help manage the areas, since these mini-housing areas are spread out and inter spaced with larger actual housing areas (depending on the map). And you can actually get them pretty advanced, if you give them the goods. (if you don't, want them to advance, just set the bazaar not to get certain goods).

Hope this helps for now.
Turns out I do have a save. Pretty far into the game, at least one of the pyramids are almost complete, at a quick glance. It's not complete enough for a completed city, so I just uploaded it on mediafire

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