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Topic Subject:At what point do you stop playing?
posted 05-14-19 00:16 ET (US)         

This game can go on and on if you do sandbox… Who only play victory condition ?

I pretty muchc donw with this game… I got onne block w ith 11 palatial estate and e very other block is at beer level… and I’m at point where I see no point to continune as it just too m uch a drain on time that I can spend doing other stuff even less time consuming games….

And enough is enough ….

And this is one of those few games that consume way too much time ….. I’m guessing developers later take this into account and didn’t make games like this any more…. i recall seeing a strategy game description saying like their game don’t take crazy amount of time to play….

I take it developers later on pay more attention to this area….
posted 05-15-19 00:30 ET (US)     1 / 2       
The Sandbox mission(s) is in my opinion open missions to develop strategies concerning housingblocks and city layouts.
When I started playing this game years ago, I played Sandbox a lot, and played the mission for weeks.

About how much time you spend on this game at a time is up to you. There is a save function and you can save whenever you want.
I have personally played missions, saved them, and continued months later.
posted 05-15-19 05:38 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Many of the actual Sandbox missions were originally contests organised by the game's makers and/or community with non-mission goals like largest population size or building a city based on a limitation like few water tiles. I don't think even the websites archiving these contests are around anymore. But if anyone has details, I'd love to know.

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