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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » Pharaoh: Game Help » Tut in the Valley monument problem
Topic Subject:Tut in the Valley monument problem
posted 02-21-04 22:13 ET (US)         
I'm the Tut in the Valley (Death of Tut) scenario. I can't find this error anywhere. A sled of lamps headed out for the King Tut's tomb and never arrived. Best I can figure out it seems to have disappeared into the tomb from the previous scenario. That tomb's construction foreman shows 400 lamps at the site.

After a few months I noticed a sled puller on his way back "ready for more work". There are no lamps in the new tomb. The path is clear because I have a "tomb work town" set up just outside to furnish labor. The road path to the tomb opening is clear.

If I delete the "old" tomb, will I incur any penalty in the game?

I'm running Cleo v2.0


Gill Britannica
posted 02-22-04 03:07 ET (US)     1 / 8       
There were several problems with lamp delivery, which were fixed in the patch which takes it to 2.1. The usual problem was that sled pullers were killed by wild animals and the load disappeared.

Unfortunately that doesn't help the scenario you've already started - sometimes it helped people to go back to a slightly earlier save ... otherwise all I can suggest is to download the patch (making sure you pick the right one) and restart the scenario.

Good luck

posted 02-22-04 06:43 ET (US)     2 / 8       
The workers are not being killed. I have the scorpions penned up.

If I delete the old tomb, will it affect me in a negative way as far as kingdom rating is concerned? Will the lamps then be deilvered to the new tomb?

Restarting is not a problem as I only about 14 months into the scenario. I did go to the Sierra website to download the 21. Cleo patch. However, when I tried to install, I received an error that says my Sierra.inf file is not a vaild previous version and would not upgrade.

The patch indicated it was the "Queen of the Nile 2.1 update".

Deleting the old sierra.inf file does not help.

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Gill Britannica
posted 02-22-04 07:34 ET (US)     3 / 8       
Queen of the Nile 2.1 sounds as if it's the UK patch (it was called that here). If you're in the US, you may want to try the one that's just labelled 'English' which is the second on the list.

As for the Kingdom Rating question, you will have to wait for someone more knowledgable on Cleo to answer I'm afraid.

Granite Q
posted 02-22-04 08:34 ET (US)     4 / 8       
Balthazar, GillB is correct that there are two versions of 'english' Cleopatra patches, the first is English-United Kingdom; the second is just called English, and that is the US version. You must have the correct language version.

Deleting a monument, in this case the tomb, should not affect your Kingdon Rating, only your Monument Rating.

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Cheers !!
posted 02-22-04 09:06 ET (US)     5 / 8       
May Osiris always give you perfect inundation.

The US/Eng patch was the problem. I really hate Sierra. I had Pharoah/Cleo/update installed previously with no problem but removed it about 6 months ago.

FYI - deleting the old monument didn't help. I had 1300 lamps in a SY next to the new tomb and they sat there for over 2 years. Plenty of extra labor. After the first delivery of lamps to the old tomb, I only ever noticed 1 sled hauler returning to the original SY for lamps.

Couldn't tell if there was any hit on my Monument rating (stuck at 0)

Thanks a TON Gill!

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posted 02-22-04 09:32 ET (US)     6 / 8       
Regarding restart of the scenario. Is it necessary?.

I loaded the previous save and ran it forward at 100% speed just watching for a year. The old tomb was still present and the sled haulers FINALLY delivered 400 lamps to the new tomb at the 6 month mark.

I'm down to 62 months at this juncture but still think I can finish on time. I will try to add extra stone masons to get the tomb dug out faster (I have 1 currently).

Hope this will work. May still have to restart later. What happens if I fail a timed scenario? Is the punishment excessively painful? Is my family banished in humiliation and disgrace?

Gill Britannica
posted 02-22-04 10:37 ET (US)     7 / 8       
The only reason to restart is that if you apply the patch half-way through a scenario, it doesn't work until the next one.

I could be wrong about this (& no doubt someone will correct me if I am ) but I had an idea that the people who take the lamps to the tomb come from the work camps ... so if they are all busy farming, they don't take the lamps.

posted 02-22-04 13:38 ET (US)     8 / 8       
Well, I didn't restart and finished the scenario without any apparent problems. Final stats were

Culture: 15
Prosperity: 27
Kingdom rating: 63
Monument rating: 22
Score: 4301 (Normal)

Final funds were 1,366 with a pop of 2,279. Finished in 75 months, which is 21 ahead of the time limit. Don't know how this compares but it forced me to be a lot more agressive than I normally am. Went into debt 3 or 4 times but only for a month or two.

I wound up building a connecting road into the deep recesses of the valley where the tomb is and built 3 work camps to service the construction.

The only glitch I can't account for occurred with a SY next to the tomb. I had 1300 lamps and 400 were delivered to the tomb. A month later I was down to 500 lamps but the tomb showed only 300 lamps. No way I used 400+ lamps in 30 days.

Could have finished 6 months sooner but TWO ships with the chariot I needed sat just off the FREE dock waiting for the dock to become free.

Thanks again.

I do know where the lamps went to. I went on to the next scenario, Seti in the Valley. I can see both previous tombs and for each the "construction foreman" says there are 400 lamps.

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