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Topic Subject:Having a problm with a monument...
posted 02-18-04 12:45 ET (US)         
First off, I think I know what my problem is, and I hope I am wrong.

I hate having to use CDs. I have 100's of games, and keeping CDs handy and swapping them around is annoying. Plus, I have 5 kids and sometimes keeping CDs in working condition is hard. So, once I install a game, I look for a no-CD patch.

Now, the no-CD patch I have for Pharaoh works fine, but I ran into a SNAFU. In the campaign, I have reached the first Bent Pyramid. The pyramid is built and now the stone masons are chopping down the stepped sides and making it smooth. However, they seem to be stuck in a loop. All 4 of my stone masons walk up to pyramid, climb to the same spot on the side of the pyramid and vanish. Then they reappear at the guild hall, walk over to the pyramid, climb to that spot again, and vanish.

Is my problem in the no-CD patch? Or is there something else I should try to get this pyramid finished?

I also tried to skip this map by typing pharaos tomb in the cheat thing, but it doesn't actually skip it. Says "cheat enabled" but nothing happens.

posted 02-18-04 12:50 ET (US)     1 / 7       
Never mind. I just did a search and it seems my problem is, I dispatched the 32 blocks of granite needed for burial and that activated the bug that wont allow it to finish. I will restart this city and see if that was it.
HG Alumnus
posted 02-18-04 13:19 ET (US)     2 / 7       
Hi Sody,

Please reread the Code of Conduct, which you agreed to support when you signed up for these forums. Your first post is enough to have you banned, but I doubt that that will happen in this case. Any further mention of such activity is likely to result in a ban.

Dispatching the last of the burial goods can cause monument corruption only in an "unpatched" Cleopatra. If you have any version other than 2.0 then that bug shouldn't occur.

If you have experienced the burial goods bug, then you only need to go back to a saved game where all burial goods haven't been dispatched. Finish the monument and all other requirements, wait a month, and then dispatch the last of the burial goods for immediate victory.

The Cheats work if they are spelled (and capitalized and spaced) correctly.

By the way, if you have only 1 stonemason guild (making only 4 masons), then pyramid construction will be quite slow. I recommend having several guilds.

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posted 02-18-04 14:30 ET (US)     3 / 7       
Well, I didn't consider a no-CD patch to be a hack, but I guess I can see where it would be. It's not a pirated copy, I do have the CD, I just get tired of buying new CDs when one gets damaged. Plus, it's just really annoying to have to swap out CDs all the time, so I prefer to have no-CD patch for any game installed.

Thanks for the tip on multiple stone guilds. Never made more than 1. Of course, is this case, having more than 1 doesn't make much difference since I am still limited in how fast I can import the plain stone. I have 4 working docks, but the stone still comes in rather slowly.

Mining the limestone isn't a problem, but do you have any tips on how to sped up the process of importing stone?

posted 02-18-04 14:39 ET (US)     4 / 7       
Ok, never mind, Ptah saw my delima and fixed it for me. He went and put up 5 courses for me, then put up the last 3 about 3 minutes later.

It was the burial goods bug that got me. Problem solved.

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HG Alumnus
posted 02-18-04 19:36 ET (US)     5 / 7       

Regardless of your personal views, you agreed to the Code of Conduct when you signed up for the forums. Since you violated the Code of Conduct again, immediately after being warned, I must bring this to the attention of Angels. I don't know whether you'll be banned.

For your information, the relevant section of the Code of Conduct is below, with key parts in bold:

3. Piracy, Cracks, Trainers, Keys, and Key-Generators
"Piracy" is the illegal copying of software; "Cracks" are programs that disable copy-protection technology; "Trainers" are programs that enable a player to gain an unfair advantage in a game; a "Key" is a combination of numbers and letters that is required for software installation and sometimes used to validate users for online play; and "Key-Generators" are programs that generate valid Keys.

You may not encourage, discuss, link to, or post in support of activities involving pirated software, cracks, multiplayer trainers, keys, and key-generators. In addition, the following are grounds for moderator action on your post and/or account:

Seeking help to create cracks, trainers, and key-generators
Seeking missing files that are supplied with installation CD(s)
Admitting to possess pirated software, cracks, trainers, and key-generators
Admitting to distribute pirated software, cracks, trainers, keys, and key-generators
Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of our forum moderators.

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Eminence Grise
posted 02-19-04 14:14 ET (US)     6 / 7       
Hi Sody
I can see why you'd use a no-CD crack, but as you can also see why we feel this could be seen as violating the CoC (unless the no-CD patch is approved by the developers, as is the case with Age of Wonders) we'll have to ask you at least not to mention it any more.

I'll trust you are speaking the truth here, so we'll let it go this time.

As for buying new CDs, I'm told the publishers normally will supply you with a new CD if the original is no longer useable. Maybe this would help with future CD problems?

posted 02-19-04 14:40 ET (US)     7 / 7       
Really? That's rather annoying to hear, since I had to go and buy all new CDs for EverQuest once when our CDs got to the point they wouldn't work and I needed to do a reinstall. Sony would not replace the CDs, even if I sent them the old ones.

I've never heard of a company giving free CD exchanges if yours gets to be too damaged to use.

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