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Topic Subject:What to take on first?
posted 02-15-04 22:24 ET (US)         
So I've been reading over Links for beginners topic, well somewhat and I know housing is the first most important, but after that what should you take on, I've still new at this game, it a lot of fun but I find myself trying to race through the missions.

So just asking what's some of the important things I should do first.

Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 02-16-04 13:57 ET (US)     1 / 2       
The first thing I do is pause the game and look over the map and the different sources of food and raw materials I am allowed by the mission. I list these on paper, what industries are available and all of the trade routes with their costs to open, land or water route, and the amounts and types of goods for import and export.

Once I have this info, I decide what the main source of food will be and what will be my main trade items. I lay my city out in my mind based on the above information. If there is a population requirement, I base the size and number of housing blocks on that. If there is a prosperity requirement, I let that guide me in the level of housing I shoot for. If water trade is used, I'll plan on placing any industries that use imported, "water route" raw materials and any industries that produce goods to be exported by water near the dock. If there is an important housing evolution good like pottery that needs to be imported by water, I'll keep my main block near the dock also.

Once I have the general layout, the following are the steps I follow in roughly this order:

1. Layout housing and main road system.
2. Start producing or importing food.
3. Add temples to blocks. Start keeping the gods happy as early as possible.
4. Have some sort of export good industry started by at least the end of the first year.
5. Open trade route to sell export good.
6. Add different export good industries until city is turning a profit.
7. Add military once the city is making money.

Depending on the mission, you may have to add military much earlier. Hope this helps.

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posted 02-16-04 15:15 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Hi revan66, welcome to Pharaoh Heaven.

Once planning is finished, somewhat different ways of starting a mission can work well, as long as you develop the city at a reasonable rate. JimMRooney likes to start by making food, while I like to start by making money. In any case, it's good to rapidly generate a large income and feed most of the people. Always pay attention to the gods' happiness, to city sentiment, to city health, and to the risks of fire, damage, disease, malaria, and crime. In some missions defense should be begun fairly early, while in others it can be delayed (or even ignored)--the mission briefing will usually indicate which. Monument construction can be put off for a year or two (unless you are trying to finish quickly), but placing the largest pyramid (or mastaba) immediately will make sure that you don't use the space that it requires (and will allow laborers who aren't needed in floodplain farms to begin preparing the site).

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