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Topic Subject:Ptolemy's City
posted 02-11-04 21:42 ET (US)         
Hi, I am playing Ptolemy's Alexandria at very easy. My prosperity says I need to evovle my housing for it to raise. I get the whole prosperity thing but what level should my housing be at? For example, For a good prosperity rating the housing shoud be above such and such housing level. Or if your housing is below such and such your prosperity will drop. (Please help soon before my prosperity drops completly!)


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posted 02-12-04 01:14 ET (US)     1 / 1       
I just finished this mission a few days ago and from my notes, the prosperity rating requirement was 75. Since you are also required to have 6 stately manors, you'll find once you have them that the higher prosperity rating isn't hard to achieve.

When trying to get high prosperity ratings, one of the most important things is to keep your housing stable. If the housing level is evolving and devolving, it can play havoc with your rating. Personally, I find that if you advance the housing too quickly, you can run into problems; patience is the key. I upgrade housing blocks one at a time to the next level, and wait until most of the block is filled with immigrants and I'm sure that there is a steady supply of goods for the current level of housing. Once I see that the housing level is stable, if the goods or services are available for the next level, I'll advance the housing block again.

Prosperity values move up slowly. There are also other factors like high unemployment, losing money, etc. that can retard prosperity values. If you city is turning a profit, you're finding jobs for your people, and the housing is stable and evolving, the prosperity rating should rise.

Without the Elegant Manors, you could still achieve a prosperity rating of 75 by having the bulk of your houses be Elegant Residences or better. The exact prosperity values for the different housing levels is shown in the chart I linked in your other thread.

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