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Topic Subject:food in storage yards
posted 02-08-04 09:59 ET (US)         

I am on mission Djedu.
If your storage yards have loads of grain and the granaries have none, how do I get the bazaars to go to the storage yards.
There are no buyers for the grain so I can't export it.

P.S. Reply quickly before the city population starves.


Granite Q
posted 02-08-04 10:10 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Hi scopsm

Bazaar ladies will 'only' buy food from granaries, not storage yards. So the quick answer to your question is move the food to graneries, by setting them to 'get grain', and the storage yards to 'empty grain' (assuming they aren't doing something more important). Make sure there is a road link between the two.

Now I say 'only', because there is a way to get bazaar ladies to buy from a storage yard, but only if the same food (in your case grain) is available as an import (unfortuanely my notes indicate this is not the case in Djedu). For information therefore, if you set the Overseer's instructions to 'buy grain' and the quantity to zero, the bazaar ladies are tricked into thinking the grain in the storage yard is imported food and will buy it.

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Cheers !!
Nero Would
Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 02-08-04 10:18 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Bazaars will only buy food from a storage yard if that type of food is being imported. I don't know if grain can be imported in Djedu. If it can, you could open the appropriate trade route and set grain to "import". If you don't really need to import any grain, set it to "Import to maintain 0".

If grain can't be imported, you need to move it to the granaries. Set the granaries to "Get" grain. You might want to consider setting the storage yards to "Not Accept" (or "Empty") grain.

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