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Topic Subject:Questions, Making Snapshots and Starting Meidum
posted 02-06-04 17:19 ET (US)         
Is there a way you can take a snapshot of your city? Also I'm stuck in Medium and don't know where to start I read the walk through and it's a little complcated. Can someone give me heads up like what type of housing blocks I should make.
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posted 02-06-04 19:51 ET (US)     1 / 1       
Please use an informative thread subject. This one might have been titled "Making Snapshot? and Starting Meidum?".

You can take a screenshot by pressing the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard, and then going to Paint (or a similar program) and selecting Paste. Getting an image of all of a large city can be a pain--taking several screenshots, trimming them, and fitting them together.

Most Pharaoh problems have several good solutions. That is certainly true of Meidum--there are multiple reasonable choices for exports, housing, farms, and other things.

A walkthrough isn't the place to find the appropriate housing. For that, look at the Prosperity requirement and the goods that are required by housing. Meidum can produce only 1 food (grain), so most houses will be common residences or poorer, since spacious residences and better houses require a second food. It is certainly possible to have most (or all) houses common residences, but you might want to avoid importing a lot of beer by making many houses spacious homesteads. Since the Prosperity requirement is only 25, spacious homesteads will be fine. (Of course, if you want to get Prosperity 100, you'll need good houses including some manors supplied with imported fish.)

When wood can be sold, it is probably the best first export--it is expensive, it is produced quickly, and the industry requires relatively few debens and workers. Exports of papyrus, brick, pottery, and linen (from imported flax) are also lucrative.

There are nice examples of Meidum with just floodplain farms, with just meadow farms, and with some of each. Build whatever you find most convenient.

When you have to build a large monument that doesn't require anything to be placed, I recommend placing it at the beginning of the mission, which will ensure that you don't put something else in the space that it requires. Some players put the pyramid complex in the south, others put it in the north. The small pyramid can be placed later, when the pyramid complex is mostly finished.

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