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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » Pharaoh: Game Help » Are you interested in a more classic NAFTA?
Topic Subject:Are you interested in a more classic NAFTA?
posted 06-16-03 04:54 ET (US)         
I wanted to play NAFTA I played last 3 years ago when I realized that this map, however fascinating, had a serious drawback: all item prices are set at 1 db.

I will submit a changed and more classic NAFTA. I changed all prices for the classic ones, although I increased the price of stones to make interesting the extraction and selling of granite, for example. Bahariyah Oasis was also set at buying grain: it changes nearly nothing but makes the opening of this route a bit more interesting. I also removed two buggish things.

NAFTA is known for being the scenario with an earthquake. The population requirements are also extremely high (30000) altogether with huge monuments. Managing the ferries and the floodplain is a headache. Several options can be chosen for this city. Five Gods and 5 possible temple complexes.

This map is great and really worth some time.

posted 06-29-03 11:38 ET (US)     1 / 8       
It had not happened to me for long, but in NAFTA I am on my mapping number 4, the 3 previous ones having shown drawbacks or gaps. A fascinating map, indeed.
posted 07-07-03 09:38 ET (US)     2 / 8       
Nafta is one of the most challenging maps of Pharaoh, if not the most. Nonetheless, it was not classic as all prices were set at 1, making trade a non-item. So I have set back on this CLASSIC NAFTA the common prices. However, the price of all stones and bricks are increased to encourage their production and selling.

The second specificity of NAFTA is the earthquake that happens on 1st of February nine years after the beginning of the game. It is set South-West, between the second and third group of rocks if you start counting from South to North.
The earthquake has some random parameters. Therfore, if you save one month before it happens, you can load again until you have an acceptable result. Please note that you can use the two sides of the crack created to set mines.

I also changed one victory criterium : the population required is 20,000 and not 30,000 to make the game more pleasant and the mapping more free.

It took me six or seven times to set a decent mapping. Then, through the process, I revealed awkard on some realizations. I used my knowledge of a successful mapping to make a more efficient city, however the housing blocks are clones in both games. I finished in 28 years.
A particular achievement is that I managed to start the building of the medium pyramid and the solar temple altogether without losing any time on the big pyramid.

Raw try :
414 months ; Pop 20100 ; Treasury 2,329,225 ; Score 307,113
Final try :
340 months ; Pop 20110 ; Treasury 2,081,119 ; Score 337,466


posted 07-21-03 10:58 ET (US)     3 / 8       
I am pleased to have had apprently a good idea in submitting this revised NAFTA with its classic prices. When you think that this unique mission (earthquake) has not even been the subject of a thread here!
posted 12-03-03 20:51 ET (US)     4 / 8       
Has anybody ever finished Nafta unedited. I have tried numerous times with numerous different blocks and layouts, but have never been able to figure out a way to stuff 30K worth of population into this map.
posted 12-05-03 10:25 ET (US)     5 / 8       
When I played NAFTA 4 years ago, I yelled too saying: nobody can put 30,000 people on that map.
I will answer the question this way: I ended up with 20,000 people and at least 2 blocks of palatial estates (PE). So 10,000 missing. But the space required by one PE block can stand two fancy residences blocks, so you have at leat 7400 people more. You are already at 27,400 minimum. I would also bet I can set a crazy but operational block of 1000+ on the peninsula. Here and there too, you can make it. But it is not a pleasant target. It is the major reason why I removed it as an objective.
The settlement of the monuments is also a key factor for gaining space. The management of the earthquake too: a nastily oriented one would make you lose the space of two or more proper blocks.
posted 07-08-18 22:14 ET (US)     6 / 8       
After many real years playing, I managed to design a technique to perform NAFTA. I was completely focused on this mission for 3 days. NAFTA is an extremely difficult mission, the most difficult of all the judges Pharaoh and Queen of the Nile. I managed to obtain by a few tenths of a second a population of 30,070 with the 5 Palatial Haciendas. What I did was to obtain a population of around 13,800 people with many resistant cabins, in the warehouses I stored the food, since these occupy less space than the granaries and I had the food reserved. Then stop reserving the food, to make a large part of the Resilient Cabins become spacious houses. Also leave a small space to build the 5 Palatial Haciendas.
posted 08-16-18 15:58 ET (US)     7 / 8       
How can you even edit NAFTA? Every time I try I get told 'cannot save map, more than 4 food types.' Not quire sure what they mean, as far as I can tell you can obtain or import

Game meat

Is there any other custom mission that involves a lot of trading? I love to trade but editing trade maps drives me bonkers.
HG Alumnus
posted 08-17-18 06:12 ET (US)     8 / 8       
How can you even edit NAFTA? Every time I try I get told 'cannot save map, more than 4 food types.'
Kyrene sells pomegranates.
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