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Topic Subject:Rowarty - Sea people
Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 07-16-01 06:06 ET (US)         
Hi all,

I would like to get some opinions on the following...Rowarty....

The problem is the amount of time it takes to defeat the sea people.

The onslaught comes and what I,ve been doing is with a full compliment of 6 warships take the transporters out first then go after their warships, a tactic which I believe is recognised as the most effective as their troops do more damage than their ships.

I,ve been having a spot of bother actually acheiving kills on their warships, there just to strong.

I searched for Rowarty and read one of Vriesea's threads, he was doing exactly what I was doing but he states that at first their warships will get the better of yours but each time yours are repaired at the shipwright your 'fresh, strong' ships will be much stronger than their tired ships.

I understand the theory but it doesn't seem to work. My warships are taken out immediately and there are 5-7 enemy warships circuling constantly being a general stopping trade, ie mega debt, ie pharaoh attacks . They do not seem to gradually get weaker ??

The only alternative is towers or chariots which both work to a point but money is extremely tight !!!

Any ideas..............mission is played on 'Normal'

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posted 07-16-01 10:02 ET (US)     1 / 10       
I also had hard times with the sea people and losed all my ships and had to load the previous save again and again.
The best tactics was this: I had two warships waiting the attack in the north, other four were waiting in further away, they took care of the transports. Enemy warships started following the first two ones, i moved them slowly to west, keeping some distance between them and the enemy ships. If they were engaged in close combat, they were destroyed at once, but this way they were shooting all the time without getting much damage. It is also possible to send another one to get repair.
After a while some of the sea people`s ships stopped and were left behind from the other ships.(Perhaps they had taken some damage, there is no way to see this but it is obvious) They were easy to destroy one by one.
I also tried to lure enemy ships to the flood plains and once succeeded to destroy the whole fleet this way.
This tactics takes time but slowing the game speed to 50-60% makes it possible to take care of the city at same time.
posted 07-16-01 12:14 ET (US)     2 / 10       
there are 2 things that sea people ships lack. Inteligance and speed...i have not seen the rowarty map yet but if the river is big enough you can do hit and run tactics long enough for them to ground themselves on a shoreline or simply leave the battle..i'm sure an extra shipright can't hurt if space is available. Timhotep gives great advise there. oh yeah the sea people ships have to rest so you can take advantage of that too

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posted 07-16-01 17:47 ET (US)     3 / 10       
Thanks guys

I went after the transporters first, then slowed the game down and let the enemy war ships 'chase me' while I kept a safe distance in front.....

I kept a constant stream of arrows on them, they hardly had a shot back..

Easy when you know how !!.......thanks..

The master of making easy look hard ---- What's wrong with Scooby Doo boxers?
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posted 07-16-01 23:08 ET (US)     4 / 10       
Schnurbart is quite unfair in fighting... but I sometimes do even worse: I sacrifice one of my ships close to the floodplain for enemy warships to get stuck there.
Do not forget towers are very good againt ships, they destroy carriers quickly and, though you do not see it, cause much harm to warships.
If I cannot use the floodplain, I sacrifice 1 ship that fights below the towers while the others throw arrows. When first ship sinks, I sacrifice another one. I never needed more.

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posted 07-16-01 23:40 ET (US)     5 / 10       
Tryhard is right about towers. I would also suggest same stratergy. In fact I use exactly the same stratergy as he does!
posted 07-17-01 01:03 ET (US)     6 / 10       
if i have towers at rowarty the sea folk are my game meat ..i cushed all opposition at heh inculding an invasion of ticked off egytpians with so many towers i could hardly look at the map......starting the map tommorow... can't wait now

the problem with this world is not the uneaqual
distrabution of recources..but the unequal distrabution of capatalism
posted 07-17-01 01:37 ET (US)     7 / 10       
But if you sink all the troop transports, how will your own forces ever get more experience points?

I had wondered if towers could be effective against ships, but I'd never noticed them being much help. Now I know better.
posted 08-26-07 14:55 ET (US)     8 / 10       
Do not forget that their warships are superior in terms of ramming but inferior in terms of fire - your warships are far better protected against missile fire and the range of your missiles is quite impressive.

Keeping this in mind, you should always take advantage of their weaknesses. Timhotep's tactic is good and Tryhard's note on towers too. However, I don't recommend to build towers as they are fairly expensive and the land is split.
Instead, you can easily build two archer companies and, just before you are invaded, order your archers to hold "loose formation" on the respective bank so that your enemies do not inflict heavy casualties. I found archers really very effective against warships of Sea People.

Although it might be objected that building companies is also costly (and it surely is), the distinction consists in several moments.

1) Towers cannot be sent to battles in far-off lands, can they? Archers can. And with repeated Seth's minor blessing received before the respective distant battle your troops are always victorious regardless of whether you sent a company consisting of a single bowman or full six academy-trained chariot companies. You don't have to care if a small, average or a large force is expected to strike there.

2) Archers can be trained quickly and their arrows damage ships (at least those of Sea People) greatly. If ordered to hold a loose formation, they are less vulnerable to hostile fire. In fact, I had 3 companies, all involved in defence when Sea People arrived and with help of my 5 warships (the sixth was chasing transports), I was able to win with only 2 casualties (2 bowmen). (Normal difficulty)

3) Enemy ships will not stop under a tower (and fight it) and even though vessels of Sea Peiple are slow, javelin throwers are not accurate at range, missing their targets. Nor are sentries. When passing by archers who are standing along the river bank(s), enemy warships will stop and start shooting regardless of whether crews are tired or not. However, transports always try to break through and disembark troops so have a couple of your own warships ready to thwart this intention. So, archers have a "locked" target and sink ships as fast as is humanly possible. Despite the fact that your warships are nearby and firing arrows on the enemy warships, these will not attempt to ram them. So you can have 4 warships floating a few steps from the enemy but they won't start chasing your ships.
posted 08-26-07 17:34 ET (US)     9 / 10       
Are you aware you are adding to a thread that is over 6 years old Sutekh. These issues may have been discussed elsewhere, and apart from Tryhard I wouldn't expect anybody of the others to react. Nonetheless you do have some valid discussion points.
posted 08-21-18 16:12 ET (US)     10 / 10       
i am gonna try the tower strategy. I am playing on easy. I build chariot company, but the sea people attack one island before I get enough chariots to defend it. If I have 16 chariots i think i can defend one island.
edit: ok the mission is really easy if you build lots of towers and chariots.

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