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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » Pharaoh: Game Help » Importing AND Exporting Luxury Goods?
Topic Subject:Importing AND Exporting Luxury Goods?
The Architect
posted 09-13-00 17:29 ET (US)         
I’m in the Sauty mission. Third pyramid is nearing completion. All my ratings are 100% except for Prosperity. I need to evolve some housing to get my rating up. To do this, I will have to import a second luxury good (ebony). However, luxury goods (jewelry) are my major export. Seems I cannot export luxury goods (jewelry) and import luxury goods (ebony) at the same time. Not that this is a big deal now. I have hundreds of thousands of debens “in the bank”.

I was just wondering if this situation could be “micromanaged”, by switching back-and-forth between imports and exports? Has anyone tried to do this? How would you go about it?

Instead of “importing 0” as I usually do when I am producing one luxury good and need to import a second, I thought about importing a minimum number (what would that be?), and watching the storage yard for the goods to arrive, then switch back to exporting, wait for a ship to pick up my luxury goods, then switch back to importing. I know that this would be serious micromanagement, but I really don’t have much else left to do in this mission.

Or, once I received my first shipment of ebony, could I export for the rest of the year, and maybe set my advisor to “import” for a month (maybe January or December) and then switch back to exporting for the rest of the year? Would my citizens “think” they are getting the second luxury good even if none arrive? If no one has tried this, let me know that too, and I will do a little experimenting with it.

HG Alumnus
posted 09-13-00 17:55 ET (US)     1 / 3       
No you really can't micromanage this because as soon as you turn importing luxury goods off the game presumes you again only have 1 type of luxury good and starts devolving housing.

It does not matter whether you actually import the second luxury good or not, which is why you can normally get away with setting importing to 0. The game has no way of telling jewelery from ivory for example. I did fiddle around with this a long time ago and it just won't work.

Grumpus The Elder
Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 09-13-00 18:02 ET (US)     2 / 3       
In my experience the key thing here is the availability of the second luxury good. The minute you start importing the second LG, the game recognizes it as being available, and you get credit for the 2nd LG. The minute you stop importing the 2nd LG, the game will recognize that only one LG is available. What you actually have in storage doesn't seem to matter.

I know of no way that you can manage this, but this doesn't mean that someone on this forum hasn't figured it out.

posted 09-13-00 18:03 ET (US)     3 / 3       
The Prosperity rating is re-calculated 4 times a year. (January, april, july and october). This means that yust before the start of those months you need to set luxury to import and make sure that your houses have evolved.

Houses should evolve immediately when changing export to import of the luxury goods. Of course only if all other needs of those houses are met.

There is no need to actually import any luxury, yust set it to import 0 luxury.

The rest of the time you can put luxury to export. Keep in mind that the houses will devolve immediately, when you change import to export of the luxury goods.

Good luck with the micro-management.

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