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Topic Subject:replay failed missions
posted 09-13-00 14:38 ET (US)         
Greetings all, I have failed "On,", yes I hang my head in shame, but I also failed "South Dahshur." So my head hangs real low! How can I replay them in the career path? Can I?
I tried to do this the same way in C3 but can't.(replay map, then hit canel, then choose which two cities you want)I can obviously play it in the mission section, etc. I would like to just replay in the career path, and redeem myself! Thanks in advance for the input.
Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 09-13-00 16:10 ET (US)     1 / 2       
howdy allhailcaesar ! welcome to Pharaoh heaven

I'm pretty sure if you select the mission it gives you an option to replay mission. your new results should replace the ones where you failed.

don't feel too bad. i've had to replay LOTS of missions.

have fun!

A Tale in the Desert
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posted 09-13-00 20:04 ET (US)     2 / 2       

You think we were born knowing all this stuff Most of it is experience, and you are smart to want to sharpen your skills before you proceed.

On is kinda like Lugdunum.. it is an exercise in logistics and lots of good lessons to learn. Brugle just finished On and wrote up quite a walkthrough of his strategy and planning. Nothing wrong with following in a good players footsteps and seeing how they mastered difficult situations.

I downloaded Baltic's excellent 3-pak progressive Rostja from our downloads section and learned tons of new things.

Think homegrown is right, just load up On and hit Replay mission and it should start you with a clean map.

Good luck and let us know about your progress

Angel Gustavia
Caesar III Pharaoh
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