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Topic Subject:Ignoring the gods?
posted 09-11-00 13:03 ET (US)         
Bast was a god in one of the scenarios I recently completed. If you throw lavish festivals, she in turn will throw festivals so that the "all the gods will notice your piety". I was a bit low on db at the time, so I did several lavish festivals to her to help me keep the other gods happy.

I checked continually with the overseer of religion and and at no time were the gods unhappy below apathetic (which isn't good but it's not a strikeable [read lightning bolts =) ] offense either).

But when I rightclicked on my people to see their "personal" sentiments, from there to the end of the scenario I got this "the gods are gonna be ticked that we're ignorning them" (even though after this point I held festivals continuously and even threw a grand festival once in a while to the patron god).

I don't feel that I was ignorning them but apparently someone did. Any ideas folks?

"To thine own self, be true"


posted 09-11-00 13:48 ET (US)     1 / 3       
I am facing the same thing in Meidum right now. The problem seems to be that only three gods are present, but my religion advisor keeps mumbling about Osiris (one of the missing two) and how important it is to keep him happy. Since there seems to be no ill effects, I'm just ignoring them.

Meanwhile, it seems like -forever- for the pyramid complex to build. It's not that my seven bricklayer guilds and fourteen work camps are not busy, but it just seems to be taking a while for the stone to get from the quarries, across the map, to the step pyramid. I'm at 76% finished, but my culture is maxed out at 45 (no Senet houses), prosperity is 76 (I need 35, I think), and I'm at 100 government rating from fulfilling all the requests. Once the big pyramid is finished, the small one will seem easy.

posted 09-11-00 13:50 ET (US)     2 / 3       
Hi Ginny,

don't ignore the gods, ignore the people. They will complain about anything which isn't perfect, allways exaggerating. Trust your religion advisor. He tells the truth.

The Architect
posted 09-11-00 13:56 ET (US)     3 / 3       
You’ve got the right idea about festivals to Bast. When Bast is available, I will throw nothing but lavish festivals to Bast, starting the next one in a month or two after the last one finishes. This will keep all of the Gods happy, as far as festivals are concerned.

But, the other Gods still need their fair share of shrines and temples (especially the Patron God). There are several very good posts on this subject. Two that I would recommend are: Pleasing the Gods and Gods Info.

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