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posted 09-11-00 12:42 ET (US)         
Now I move on to On. From a quick look at saved examples I have just a few questions...

1. Where should I start my first settlement?
2. What should I export first? I noticed that finally there are some raw materials available, so I don't have to rely on imports of raw materials too much.
3. Are there any invasions?
4. Is it worth building towers next to the hippo spawning areas?
5. I heard that Pharaoh requests game meat in year 3, which requires quick expansion onto tha last island, is it worth building the hunting lodges and settlement on an adjoining island, and then building a ferry crossing, or just settling on that island?



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posted 09-11-00 13:43 ET (US)     1 / 4       
It's been a while since i played On, so i can't answer all your questions, but i can do a couple.
2. Papyrus, pottery and maybe bricks would be my choices off the top of my head.

4. Absolutely. Unrestrained Hippos "love" to eat reed gatherers. A couple manned towers will keep your papyrus production going.

5. The game request does come very early. Maybe just a small settlement (one or two houses), with the storage yard and the hunting lodges. Of course, if you want to feed your people that game meat you'll have to man the ferry on both sides to transport it.

If you decide to do a search of the Game Help forums, besides On, you might look for Onions (the wonderful people of On)

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posted 09-11-00 15:36 ET (US)     2 / 4       
Hey Tentdweller,
I'm at On also, but I'm already halfway now (I hope ).
Well, I started my first settlement at the first heap of land where the kingdomroad is, and then I crossed gradually all the islands. When I was asked to send that meat, I had nothing on that island (far west ). But I managed to build houses, two huntinglodges, granary and storage yard AND managed to get that quantity of meat quiet on time. I had ferries going there, so lateron I used the meat to feed my people.
From the beginning I was/am exporting loads of linen (and now also some papyrus, and sometimes some excess limestone).
Linen is a good export, I think.
I also built two towers to deal with those hippo's. Because they were eating my ferries with wathever inside (my precious linen !). Had no troubles with the hippos near the reeds.
Until now I didn't have any invasions, hope it stays like that (I have just one fort with archers).
Hope this will help you a bit...

a Flemish Knight

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posted 09-11-00 15:46 ET (US)     3 / 4       
Sorry to disturb you once again!
But, I added this nice quote...
I'm sure it's true for all you Pharaoh-players!!!

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posted 09-11-00 22:14 ET (US)     4 / 4       

Many different approaches should work with On, which is one reason I was fascinated with it. Answering your questions based on my experience:
1) I built my first settlement on the mainland, but had people living on all of the islands within the first 6 months. (Since I built only 55 houses, I had to get many of them settled and supplied with food to have a large workforce.)
2) I exported papyrus (from imported reeds), pottery, beer (from imported barley), and (starting in the third year) linen. I didn't export limestone (too cheap) or bricks (to avoid complications with mastaba construction). Later, all of the beer and some of the papyrus from imported reeds (and all of the papyrus from domestic reeds) was consumed.
3) I didn't see any invasions, but the city was defended.
4) I eventually built towers near all of the hippo spawning areas. I found the middle herd of hippos the worst--fairly early, I lost some valuable flax when they ate a ferry (and the drowned immigrants didn't like them either).
5) Game meat was the first food that my people ate, so I had plenty long before it was requested.

I could imagine building On in a way that all five of your questions would be answered differently. It's a fun city!

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