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Topic Subject:Another Storage Yard question
posted 09-09-00 04:05 ET (US)         
Maybe this has already been answered, but I was not able to find a thread anyway. Here is the story. Location: Selima Oasis. I need a 3000 pop so I laid out 3 blocks similar to SenetEr's around the big lake in the center. The industrial block was close to the first living block, so rather far from the third one. I had a SY next to the entrance to each block, all accepting 800 units of pottery, beer, fish and linen. I had not problem supplying the second SY, but the third eventually kept 800 of each commodity except pottery. I checked the SY in the industrial block - it was full of pottery. Anybody knows what the problem is? Is there any difference between pottery and beer/linen/food?

P.S. I resolved the problem switch the third SY to "getting" pottery.

posted 09-09-00 06:19 ET (US)     1 / 6       
Hi Crash,
I think this is a problem of distance. The pottery cartpushers will always go to the next accepting SY. So the farthest will only get pottery if any other is full. Look at your houses: Do any of them evolve? This would mean that you get pottery to your SY, but your bazaars trade it much faster.
The best way to cope with this, especially for pottery, is to use a different arrangement: Set your housing block SYs to "get 800" and the one near your industry to "accept all". So your potteries deliver to the stockpile, while the SY pushers take it from there, carrying 400 units each trip! This is the best way to provide goods to your houses.
I often found that this works even for goods which need to be delivered to both houses and facilities (f.e. beer for the Senet house.) The housing block SYs won't deliver to facilities until their completely ful, so they only provide goods for the bazaars. But the brewery pushers will deliver the facility before the stockpile, so with restricted coverage and enough production, You can even do this without micromanaging. Usually you can "get" 2 goods effectively, so if you want to evolve beyond beer and can't "accept" the 3rd and 4rth good in high enough quantity, you need 2 SYs for your housing block.

Hope this helps,

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Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 09-09-00 08:01 ET (US)     2 / 6       
Another approach is to lay out your city such that all of the bazaars are within 35 spaces of some central SYs. Then, you can centralize citywide food and goods storage and do away with separate SY's for blocks completely. You'd be surprised how large a radius this is -- it's quite possible (depending on terrain) to comfortably support 7-8,000 people, with all the ameneties, from only 3-4 (very busy) storage yards/granaries in the middle of town.

As a general rule, I find that the more SYs connected to each other by road that I have accepting the same good, and the more distant those SYs are from each other, the more likely a design is to not work as planned.

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posted 09-09-00 13:26 ET (US)     3 / 6       
JWorth, your approach of course has both pros and cons compared with mine.
The pro: You will never have workshop cartpushers wander around the whole map, slowing down production. This causes problems, too, if you divide the same kind of industry between different spots of the map. Oh, how I hate to see my eastern claypits deliver western potteries and vice versa
The con: You slow down bazaar distribution. Because your Bazaar ladies walk rather a distance for the goods, you need at least two bazaars per block which are set to get different goods.
Well, one has to choose...
Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 09-09-00 15:20 ET (US)     4 / 6       
Agreed. I offer it only as a possible alternative. It's true, I tend not to divide industries (in fact, I think I never divide industries, but I'd have to think for a moment about whether that's really true). About the bazaars -- it's surprising how much they can handle, and, in general, I prefer a couple of extra bazaars to the space and negative desirability of extra SYs.
posted 09-09-00 19:30 ET (US)     5 / 6       

My preference is in increasing the number of bazaars in a housing block not increasing the number of "Getting" SYs with a SY per block.

I've never figure this out mathematically but I think there are a lot more pluses than minuses.

I'll usually have one SY per good close to the source (industry or dock) in a "Accepting" mode. This is what I would call my central hub. From the central hub I will have an outer ring and on that ring I will place a SY in a "Getting" mode, to provide goods for two or even three housing blocks. My "Getting" SYs will usually be limited into getting not more than one or two goods.

Concerning the distance from the housing block to the "Getting" SY. I place two or three bazaars per block and let the 2 ladies at each bazaar gather the needed goods to be distributed.

Here are the pluses I see:

Because you have fewer SYs with this approach you will have more goods at each SY over the same amount of goods. Thus you very rarely find yourself in the situation of a bazaar lady going to a SY and not finding or not having enough goods needed.

The bazaar ladies are very proficient in determineing what is needed. Thus you have less concern about making sure the right number of goods are sent to each SY per housing block.

Because you have more bazaars per block your housing will evolve at a quicker rate quicker and devolve at a slower rate since the bazaars have the surplus not the SYs.

With fewer SYs you have less of a problem managing the goods. (Have you ever mistakingly changed the "Getting" SY good to "Accepting" and end up with the other SYs depleting the goods)

As JWorth indicates the 35 squares really cover a wide distance and have never had a problems in city layouts exceeding that limit.

Just my thoughts, would be interested in what other have experienced or prefer.

Good gaming

posted 09-11-00 04:58 ET (US)     6 / 6       
I never produce the same thing in several locations connected by road - tried a few times in the beginning and it was terrible. Disconnected production area with getting SY near housing is the best solution, each SY can effectively get 2 goods over "normal" distance, and more if it is near.
I tend to disconnect housing blocks that are too remote as well, if I can supply them with food from a local source.

I don't use multiple bazaars, except for luxury blocks. Standard is 1 bazaar for smaller blocks and 2 for the medium ones (as soon as they start using pottery - not necessary before). In some huge blocks and for Estates I'm using 3 bazaars... although once the pipeline is full, luxury block can do with 2 bazaars easily, and I think I have built some such blocks with just 2 bazaars.

I have built a granary center once (4 granaries on crossroads, supplying several blocks around them) and it worked fine - but most often my cities grow more organically and only when I see that I need a new granary, I start looking where to put it best.

Cherub Baltic

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