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Topic Subject:Food Overseer
posted 09-08-00 00:54 ET (US)         
I'm just wondering what kind of system the Food Overseer uses in his calculations? I just started Selima Oasis, put in one hunting lodge and a granary. In about a month I checked on my Food Overseer and he told me I had enough supplies for more than 2000 people. Sounds quite unrealistic, doesn't it?
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posted 09-08-00 01:33 ET (US)     1 / 2       

I don't know if anybody's worked out the advisor's algorithm, but there is general agreement that the food advisor isn't a particularly useful source of information.

People consume 3 units of food each per year. Detailed farm output information is in the strategy section of this site -- hunting output is a little more variable, and it drops off after the initial herds have been killed off, but you can generally get an idea of your meat production by watching it for several months.

posted 09-08-00 08:55 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Actually, a single hunter working full out can probably easily feed that many people. The annoying thing with hunters is if you're overproducing, eventually the hunters don't go out because the lodge already has 500 food because the granary is full. The overseer basis his calculations off the number of hunters going out, so he states that you're hardly producing any food at all, when you're really producing way more than you need.
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