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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » Pharaoh: Game Help » Got linen? (Reprise for those who read several Pharaoh forums)
Topic Subject:Got linen? (Reprise for those who read several Pharaoh forums)
posted 09-06-00 22:44 ET (US)         
I posted this already on the official Cleo forum but haven't heard back yet. I don't seem to be able to finish this scenario and I'd really like to move on so any thoughts/enlightenment that anyone could give would be most greatly appreciated.

Here's my problem:

I'm working in the Rameses in the Valley; An Unsurpassed Resting Place scenario.

For some reason, I cannot get linen into my city. I have it set to import to maintain 1,000, have a storage yard set to accept them near my "rich" folks houses, have goods that the trading city wants. . . but can't seem to get any linen in. This also applies for lettuce and papyrus as well. (I had papyrus at one point but my source seems to have dried up. Now that I think on it, I believe that the papyrus and the linen come from the same source city.)

I've been waiting at least 6 game years to try to get some linen in. I have everything complete but the burial provisions (the monument wasn't complete when I began sending provisions but I did not send them all before it was done) but need the linen to get the culture rating up (mortuaries and 6 stately manors and linen for buriel provisions).

I really don't want to cheat to end off the scenario (although I've had to in the past because of the burial provision bug). If anyone has any ideas on this, I'd be greatly appreciative. Thanks.

"To thine own self, be true"


posted 09-07-00 02:32 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Welcome, Ginny!
Currently I'm not where I could look into Cleo, but I'll try to mention some generally possible causes and things to check.

1) Is the trade route open and have storage yards accepting the imported goods full employment? Is there room in these SY?

2) Can the SY be reached? Check whether it is water or land route that causes problems (save the game, restart scenario and check what the city says - unfortunately you can't be sure once the route is opened). If it is land, then make sure any ferries between entry point and the SY are fully manned and operational. If water, make sure the Dock has full employment and it is connected by road to a SY that is accepting the goods. This SY should be very close to the dock (well, maybe can't be really close in Valley missions - but as close as possible), and surely not behind a ferry.
You should check the roads very carefully in some overlay, sometimes a single tile is missing and you can overlook it easily.

3) Are you importing other things from the same city? If yes, stop imports of any other commodities this city provides - import only linen. Food will be delivered first, and if the ships have to wait, it can happen that you will import only food during the whole year if it is set to importing.

If nothing helps, you can zip your save and mail it to me (address is in my profile - click on the little head with ? above my post). I'm sure there is some explanation to it and you can finish the mission w/o cheating.
Good luck!

Cherub Baltic

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posted 09-07-00 11:48 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Thanks for the warm welcome Baltic!

Thanks so much for the heads up on how close the SY is to the dock and that food would be imported first. . . that was exactly what the problem was. Once I stopped trying to import lettuce from that city and only imported papyrus and linen, I suddenly had linen out the wazoo!

I now have all the burial provisions accounted for and have 2 stately manors (need 6 => )and all is going well. I even have over 200k debens stored up so have been throwing lavish festivals left and right so Bast will bless the bazaars to increase what little bit of imported food I have.

If I ever have another problem, I know which forum to come to! Thanks again! =)

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