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Topic Subject:enemy cities
posted 09-06-00 17:18 ET (US)         
I've read somewhere that you have to be careful not to send gifts to enemy cities, or at least think before you do. If you do then friendly cities will hate you, but you might get rewards from these enemy cities.

Urgh, where does this happen, maybe it's because I'm only on North Dashur (but then that is half way through the game) but I haven't seen this happen and I fulfil all my requests

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posted 09-06-00 17:27 ET (US)     1 / 4       
From memory Thinis2 and Waset are the first missions to have this. If you read the introduction you should be able to work out which cities are enemy ones. Also they "demand" gifts rather than "request" them.
posted 09-06-00 17:45 ET (US)     2 / 4       

I think you are refering to requests for goods or extortions (The display label will indicate that this request is an extortion). I think this usually happens to the campaigns that are centered around Civil Wars.

I have always refused to participate, but I think you are correct in that if you give in you will loose favor. Can't recall but you may have your Kingdom Rating lowered.

Others probably will have a better memory


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posted 09-06-00 17:52 ET (US)     3 / 4       
Nobody likes a ruler that gives into extortion, Thinis II is difficult enough without sending your alies against you,
Vriesea's right .... tread carefully !!

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posted 09-07-00 02:53 ET (US)     4 / 4       
Well, that's a complicated thing and it can be different in different scenarios. I remember a mission I won while sending any requested goods and money, including at extortions - and it didn't damage my KR much. I was buying time that way, and only when I had the military ready, I told them to go jump into the lake and defeated their invasion that followed. Don't remember what mission it was...

The worst thing that happens sometimes is, that one of your vital trade cities refuses to trade with you after you dispatch goods on extortion by some enemy city.

You really have to be careful, but sometimes it can help if you give in to the extortion until you are ready.

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