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Topic Subject:Looking for a campaign
posted 02-26-17 20:22 ET (US)         
Hello everyone, hope I'm not overstepping the boundaries but I didn't find anywhere that fit better than here for that question:

I'm looking for advice on what are great campaign (not just map) that mainly involve the building of one big city (there might be a few side missions for colonies and such but a major city must be the red thread).

I prefer Zeus-style campaign than Emperor, but like Emperor mechanics much better so that's why I'm looking for them. I've looked at the map content on the site but I don't always find the adequate details in that regard so I'm asking the community for advice.

Thanks for your help and sorry in advance if that wasn't the right place to ask that question.

edit: Yes I did miss the "number of city" info on the side, sorry for that, it doesn't quite completely answer my question but should help me parse the files a lot more easily, sorry for that!

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posted 02-27-17 05:52 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Welcome to Emperor Heaven!

Be sure to browse through our full selection of custom campaigns, here:

Now, here are my recommendations for custom campaigns you can try, based on the criteria you mentioned (not listed in any particular order):

1. "The Golden Age of the Tang"
2. "The Grand City"
3. "Rise of Kaifeng"
4. "The Imperial Forbidden City"

Happy gaming.

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posted 02-27-17 18:13 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Thank you very much, some of those I didn't find myself!

Thank god for the GoG re-release, I had lost my CD-key in the past years.

Going to start with Golden Age of the Tang since it seems relatively easy and free-form. Once again, thanks for the advice!
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