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Topic Subject:Add/Subtract/Set Favor events?
posted 06-23-16 08:45 ET (US)         
So I'm designing a new campaign and it'll be set during the Song Dynasty. But I have a small question relating to the favour manipulation events.

The add and subtract favour events appear to temporarily set a cities favour by adding or subtracting the specified favour value (so to ensure a city temporarily goes to Hostile, you subtract 100 favor (or 150)), but it will eventually go back to the neutral 50 after a while.

I'm looking at the "Set Favor" event, but can't understand how it works. Does this event permanently set the favour of a city to the value specified and never lowers it, or is it just a temporary change as before?

The reason is that I want to make sure that a vassal has a fixed high level favour with a city, so that they're always available for requesting defensive aid.

Any help with understanding the Set Favor event will be appreciated. I'll also be searching the forum in case the topic has already been broached, though I hope a response will help to point me in the right direction.

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posted 06-23-16 13:08 ET (US)     1 / 2       
I strongly advise against using the 'add favor' or 'subtract favor' events, and if you do use them, only use increments of 30 or less. I have only used them a couple of times, I much prefer the 'Set favor' event. It's advantage is it sets the city to the exact level I want, for example a 'Set favor 35' will put a rival city at 'Displeased' and a 'Set favor 50' will put a rival city at 'Apathetic'.

The 'Set favor' event is only a one-time, temporary set. It can be immediately modified by a player's actions, even in the same game-month. That's worth noting.

I've wanted to do the same type of scripting you describe for your vassal. My best solution was to script multiple 'Set Favor 85' events every 3 months for the duration of the mission.

Also be sure to read everything in the 'City Favour' article we have on this site:

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posted 06-23-16 17:48 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Thanks for the tips!

I think I will avoid using the add/subtract favor events in this new campaign, due to the fact that it's not a "fixed" value and their only use seems to be for making sure someone goes to top/low levels of favor (ie 0 or 100).

I used the subtract favor a couple of times in my Power of the Tang campaign, but those were just to put the favor all the way to 0, because I knew that a city will reset to Apathetic after being Hostile for a while, so whether I used Set Favor or Subtract Favor, outcome would've been the same.

From what I've seen, it does sound like Set Favor is a far better favor event to be used and I'll set my event for it to happen every single year recurrently. Since the vassalhood event happens near the start of the campaign, I'll also have to script an "End Rebellion" event.

The table on the web site will definitely help for event scripting of the set favor event. Thanks!
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