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Topic Subject:Feng Shui Element tile-distances
posted 08-10-19 01:16 ET (US)         
I had a query I couldn't find answer for on the heaven or Pecunia's site.

The effect of any specific FS element of that tile's terrain-type extends how far?

on a side note, do any of the old players still play here or any other CB forums? Jayhawk? Pecunia? Vaia? God knows, i worshipped Vaia's layouts back then or Pecunia's Number crunching...

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posted 08-10-19 05:35 ET (US)     1 / 3       
4 tile separation for rocks and trees(cliffs are rock but elevation changes can be a weaker earth influence; depends what the designer hid under it, I've seen elevation change and SaltMarsh with wood FS influence).
If the bad influence is South or West of the building the influence can be as little as 3 tiles from the building.


Positive influencers can be reduced.
Warehouse on grass must be within 1 tile(maybe 2 if its low amounts of grass) of a rock to overcome the Water influence. I'm sure there is mathematic solution to calculate the 4 tile influences but its easier to just hover the building and delete unneeded trees.

Oh, trees come with a minimum water influence when the designer places them. Deleting the tree does nothing in reducing the water influence. And, Rocks come with a touch of Fire(~3tiles) unless real close to or on a water tile. Salt Marsh have a Fire influence but they can be placed over trees which can cause hair-loss in placing some buildings. ;(

Fire(dirt) and Water(grass) are counter to one another so it is what is under the building rather then near it. Water table helps with ClayPit and Well good location(ideal/dark blue).

Usually have 2 good influencers for every building.
Acupuncturist likes rock and fully on grass, hates trees and Fire.
Herbalist likes tree and fire, hates rock and metal.

Not a lot of metal on maps. Pecunia has a graphic in the Feng Shui article.

Pecunia is an active Seraph the others I don't see much activity except special occasions. Brugle is an ever present educator for C3 & Phar.

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posted 08-10-19 18:34 ET (US)     2 / 3       
andyblast, some of us are still around. But I haven't heard from Jayhawk or Vaia in years.

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posted 08-10-19 21:43 ET (US)     3 / 3       
Wow user3, good info, gimme some time to absorb lol.

Thanks both, i do wish community was a bit more populated, RotMK didn't deserve as much grief from reviewers as it got. Thank god, i got that CD in bargain bin, so i could revisit (cant do GOG as gaming sites are blocked on VPN).

Anything that hurts gameplay will be blindfolded and shot.
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