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Topic Subject:Multiple Carts like Train carriage
posted 07-14-19 21:54 ET (US)         
Hi all.
I've been playing GoG Version with latest patch, and always playing the Open Play.
I have tried searching nearly an hour in this forum but couldn't find any post if the problem has been address or not. So sorry if it does, please help me for the correct search term or link the post please.
If not so here the problem:
Why many of my walkers transporting the goods with multiple carts, it become like a train carriage? I have lost many goods quantity because of this. When they pick up from warehouse, eg: take 800 units of paper (because those extra carts attached to the walker) , but when sent to the tax collector for 200 units, other quantity will also be gone.

It always happen to those carts being pulled by. Not those being push by the walkers. most of the time happen on papers, ceramics, lacquer...

And always when i have been playing for quite some time the scenario, where population already reach 15K ppl..

Please help.

posted 07-15-19 04:59 ET (US)     1 / 1       
You have overproduced the goods in question and have not provided enough storage(warehouse or trade building that it can be sold). those carts will disappear after 2 years, a waste of the workforce production & goods.

Cart deliveries can only fill the tax collecters space of 4 loads max. Carts only have 4loads carrying capacity. any leftovers of a warehouse deliveryman get returned to the warehouse or delivered to another building with space.

Right click the walker and you can be informed of how much he/each is carrying and which building type he is from. they may only have 1 load and be a paper deliveryman(not a warehouseman). For paper consumption ratio at the tax collector and Confucius Academy is 1 Paper Maker for 2 of the consumer buiding(Money printer is 1:1). A Paper Maker can produce 6 paper/year if your selling Paper at a trade building.

PS food carts do the same thing but Mill/food shop & festival consumption tends to eat through the carts which last 3 years if overproducing excessively. Probably havn't noticed them unless you have 2 or more mills.

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