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Topic Subject:Produce a certain quantity - An Agricultural Community
posted 12-10-18 04:12 ET (US)         
Thia has puzzled me for a while but I have always just muddled through before.

In this scenario there are arbitrary win conditions to produce certain quantities of cabbage, millet, and wheat in one year.

This is far more than I need or want to export.
But what does it actually mean? How is it measured?
Is it simply the output of the farms stacked up on carts waiting to go into the Mill? (ie no extra infrastructure needed)

Or is it the new amount in a year that has to be placed in warehouses, so there has to be enough spare warehouse capacity to store it all (ie if the condition is 45 bushels of wheat, I need two empty warehouses for wheat at the start of a year etc

And if it goes into storage do I have to keep it there until the new year or can it be used in the Mill or for offerings?
posted 12-10-18 05:57 ET (US)     1 / 3       
I just spent several minutes searching our EH forums here, and I can't seem to find all-inclusive information on this topic. I can only find bits and pieces here and there. So here is my best answer based on years of designing and playing this specific mission goal: production is calculated based on each unit of the commodity that is successfully delivered and stored in a warehouse or mill. I believe the commodity must still be sitting there untouched when the new year arrives to get credit for the production goal (but I may be wrong on that).

You didn't ask, but production for the prior year is calculated in February of the next year. That means there is a bug in the game for missions with a 'time limit' goal, in that production is not calculated in the last year of that mission. A 'Survive Until' mission goal does not have this bug.

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posted 12-10-18 06:19 ET (US)     2 / 3       
Ok. Many Thanks. I'll work on that basis.

It's a quick scenario so I'll do it a couple of times as a test to see if it matters whether it makes a difference if mills or warehouses are used and report back later.
posted 12-10-18 08:38 ET (US)     3 / 3       
I built a city with 5 farms each with approx 23 fields each of Cabbage, Millet, and Wheat. I had full employment

Target was in one year
35 Cabbage, 45 Wheat, 38 Millet

In the second year I deleted my startup Mill in June just before the first wheat harvest. and built 4 mills set as follows
4 x 10 Cabbage = 40
4 x 12 Wheat = 48
4 x 10 Millet = 40

At the end of the year in Feb according to commerce advisor and current stock in Mills, I had
27 Cabbage
48 Wheat
35 Millet

At same time according to scenario goals I had produced a best of
50 Cabbage
52 Wheat
56 Millet

At this point there may have still been a little cabbage to be delivered in the next year

So presumably the difference is what was being taken by the market buyer (set to plain food BTW)

So my conclusions are (like you suspected) as delivered to a mill or warehouse however can still be taken out by the buyer it seems without problems since I cannot explain the difference any other way.

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