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Topic Subject:Budding of Buddhism
posted 09-23-18 10:09 ET (US)         
I returned to Emperor after a gap of almost a year to finish up Han dynasty. By this time I have generally forgotten some of how to play the game.

Final scenario returns to a city built last October. (Now completed)

I had to get 8 animals but some things still puzzle me and just need some clarification if any one can give it.
I needed 8 animals and had 7. I needed either a Pheasant or Giant Salamander to do this, both in my own temperate zone.

First, someone gifted me a pheasant. This didn't get added to the menagerie. Is this a bug or is it mandatory that I get it from a swap.

Secondly, Once I have an animal either from capture or swap do I have effectivly an unlimited supply for further swaps (this is what it seems).

Next. At the end of the scenario. There was an earthquake. This more or less destroyed the city, but I didn't rebuild and waited to see if my final swap worked which didn't. So I reloaded a save.
This time the earthquake caused no damage at all as far as I can see. Another bug?
posted 09-24-18 04:24 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Having replayed the scenario, I'll answer my own question:

Once Xi Wang Mu has captured your first animal (Panda) you have an "unlimited" supply of pandas.
But if you are tempted to swap them simultaneously with eligible cities, you end up getting the same animals from some.

So better to do this one at a time. Then the AI seems to know what you already have, avoids them and sends you one you need.
Once you have Wild Pig (say) you can swap with temperate zone cities.

And for anyone in future reading this for walkthrough info.
Make sure you have plentiful supply of wood, and some clay in storage and are importing stone into storage.

Place Dao temples and shrines for everyone and summon Xi Wang Mu right at the start and keep her there, then you can get all your animals, the months of heroes, and the temple built before the earthquake and flood come.
posted 09-24-18 10:02 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Your observations are correct. The game AI for menagerie animal requests/gifts is strange and wasn't tested very well. For example, the favor level of a rival city doesn't seem to effect the success of an animal gift; you can send an animal gift to a rival city that is displeased or hostile towards you and it will still trigger that city to send you back their reciprocal animal gift.

There is also a bug with 'menagerie request' event that sends a confusing message to the player, hence I stopped using it in campaigns I designed.

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