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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » Zeus: Adventure Design » editing "Wood is pure gold" without .set-file...???
Topic Subject:editing "Wood is pure gold" without .set-file...???
posted 08-14-19 07:18 ET (US)         
Hi everyone,

So... I downloaded this really cool Poseidon adventure from your website ("Wood is pure gold!") and wanted to edit an event in one of the missions.
It's important to note that everything was working fine, from missions to texts and maps.

However, when I load the episode in the in-built Poseidon mission editor, everything is blank. No map, no missions, nothing. Only the mission descriptions show up.

So, I looked at the folder where this episode is. It contains a .pak, .txt and .map-file, but no .set-file. Hmmm, strange thing is when you play it everything works fine, no problems whatsoever. But somehow I can't edit any of the episodes or events.

Who knows what the problem is? No, the files are not "read-only" and I've already tried multiple things, like switching files between different folders...


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posted 08-14-19 07:53 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Greetings PoseidonHolland;
I don't see any MAPs in the 2002 download so its a play only Poseidon Greek adventure.
posted 08-15-19 06:20 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Hi PoseidonHolland,

Firstly, yes.. some creators upload their adventures without set files and the adventure could still be played without it. The reason why some creators do that is probably to prevent players from cheating by looking into that file, or make changes that make their play "easier" so to speak... same goes with map files too, I believe.

(if you recall in the editor, there is a "save adventure" and "create adventure"... iirc, save adventure saves the changes into the .set file, so whilst you'll see these changes in the editor, you won't see them when playing the game; create adventure loads the changes into the .pak file, so whilst you'll see the changes when you play the game, you won't see these changes in the editor... this is why the .set file is not needed to play the adventure, but the .pak file is.. what the editor does is, it compiles all your changes into the .pak file when you "create adventure")

Anyway, I think I know that adventure; I'm definitely familiar with it, and I think I might have this adventure somewhere. What changes are you specifically planning to change, and in what episode? I think I *might* be able to help you.

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