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Topic Subject:Caligula Agora Feeder block - Granary collapse
posted 10-01-18 11:51 ET (US)         
Hi all,

Just joined this forum so apologies in advance if this is the wrong place for this question (also did a search but couldn't find any posts on this subject).

I've just reinstalled Zeus after about 10 years (loved this game so much as a kid!), and I'm trying to get back into it. Had a look at some of the housing blocks etc. for tips and encountered an issue.

I've built Caligula's Agora Feeder and the top-left granary keeps collapsing. The maintenance office in the bottom left never leaves the building via the left-side, only the bottom.

I can fix this by swapping the bottom left gardens/office around but I'm wondering if there's a reason I'm encountering this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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posted 10-03-18 03:22 ET (US)     1 / 1       
Sorry about the late reply, but I expected someone else to answer this.

You have already found out the flaw in that feeder block and the solution.

The reason is that the walker emerges from the road point closest to the NE corner that it can. If the road completely surrounds the maintenance office the walker emerges at the first tile on the NE side. If you remove that tile it will emerge at the second tile on the NE side, and so on in a clockwise direction.

As that block has a road along the SE edge and SW edge the walker has to emerge at the rightmost tile on the SE edge and Walks along the housing. It can never emerge on the SW edge.
Move the Office as you have done and it can only emerge on the SW side.

Have fun designing your own blocks
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