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Topic Subject:Changing difficulty
posted 08-14-18 09:48 ET (US)         
I've just noticed after 3 complete adventures I've been playing Poseidon at Olympian difficulty by mistake instead of my usual Titan.
Apart from problems with appeal and elite housing (from which I've only just worked out I was playing at the Olympian level) there hadn't been many problems until now...

Playing the 5th Part of Atlantis Reborn (Benevolent Ares)
I get a request for military help (send my forces off) immediately followed by invasion after invasion at very short intervals and almost zero notice, which is bankrupting me in payoffs.

Now this isn't fun (well not what I was expecting anyway and no mention of it in any of the walkthroughs)

What I am asking is, can I change difficulty in mid episode, after episode 4 before I start episode 5, or do I have to go right back to the beginning of the adventure.

I might ignore the request for help and try and fight them off until I get the goals done afterwards but that's not what I am asking right now.

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posted 08-14-18 16:01 ET (US)     1 / 3       
Options: 4th word down is Difficulty.

Don't know how effective it is after you begin a city, but if should stick through the rest of the adventure, unless your loading other peoples saves in your play profile. Always use a different Profile for looking at another's save.

Oh, and don't reload a previous save from when if was set at Olympian.

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posted 08-15-18 04:21 ET (US)     2 / 3       
Thanks. Didn't fully understand your answer, but...

...for the record, I went back to the end of episode 4 (colony), set aside the last goal, and restarted episode 5

You are given the opportunity to change/set difficulty at this point, so I did and it seems to have worked.

Some time ago I did look at some other peoples saves and that must have been when the difficulty defaulted to theirs.


Actually, I now think the repeated attacks were because I sent my entire forces out of the city (in much the same way as in Emperor.) I didn't know this but I do now.

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CBH Seraph
posted 08-15-18 10:40 ET (US)     3 / 3       
You can change the difficulty mid-episode through the Options menu like user3 indicated, but that will only affect future events. For example, any extra-low mood of your allies/rivals caused by the higher difficulty will stay as-is, but if they invade, the size of the invasion will be smaller (and the corresponding bribe will be smaller) if you lower the difficulty.

And indeed, as you found out: your rivals will take advantage of your forces being out of town..

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