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Topic Subject:Food crunch
posted 11-17-17 13:18 ET (US)         
Good day,

Still doing Europe starting adventure. In scenario 1 with amount of labor I had , I built what farms I could, and some fleece sheds. I made sure that only put labor in to barebones, except for a gym I put up. More and more people came to my house , the farms produced, and everybody’s got fed; farms said they’d be ready next July.

With all the extra people that came in I could now build all the extras as well as more fleece and dairies to
help out ; waited waited waited for the dairies to produce anything while more people came in and tipped me over the 1000 mark to the next episode

End result? As I ran out of food, and dairy just trickled, I began losing huge amounts of population right before the wheat appears in July, paralyzing everything . Can’t find any guide on how to solve the crunch
CBH Seraph
posted 11-18-17 14:07 ET (US)     1 / 3       
Welcome to the forums

It sounds like you're building too fast. Take your time for getting a good basic setup for your city: get a sustainable food supply up and running, and build up at least one export industry in the first year. Don't give your houses fleece in the first year so they don't upgrade to homestead (and beyond) and attract too many new immigrants: like you've experienced, with farms your food has to last a whole year until the next harvest. Goats are a little better: they start to produce milk after about half a year, and production will eventually spread to give you cheese all year round.

My priorities when starting a new city:
1) Study the world map and your available resources and decide what you want to export first.
2) Start up the industries for that first export resource and build your main food supply. My first housing block is usually around 30-36 houses.
3) When the first food rolls in, upgrade the houses to hovel, use the new workers to expand your export industry AND build a few new farms/diaries.
4) A year later, when the second harvest comes in, or when you have enough food, provide fleece to your houses and expand further.

Angel Pecunia | HG Downloads programmer and techie
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posted 11-20-17 08:36 ET (US)     2 / 3       
...more people came in and tipped me over the 1000 mark to the next episode
This and similar housing limits are often found in the scenarios. An obvious solution is to build one house less than the limit requires, so you can't go over when you are not ready, then when you are, add the extra hous(es)

Can get the people per house from Pecunia's own website here:

In addition can control the number of people working by varying the labour rate. Pay more, get more workers but population remains the same.

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posted 07-06-18 19:45 ET (US)     3 / 3       
I'm actually replaying Zeus and Europa right now, and I experienced the same weird crunch in the first episode. I think it was because, just as luck would have it, the last few adventures I'd played I had started with fish, urchins, or hunting lodges to provide food, and they produce fairly quickly. Farms only offer a harvest once per year, and goats are only milked once a year also. I solved the problem simply by building a bunch of wheat farms (and a few extra dairies, because I like cheese) to give myself a good food stockpile. This also helped absorb a larger-than-usual unemployed population.
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