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Topic Subject:Theiving Priests of Zeus!
posted 11-09-11 23:02 ET (US)         
I just build Zeus's Stronghold in Argos as part of Perseus and Medusa and in spite of having the same number of sanctuaries as in Thebes in Z&E I noticed what seemed like a higher turnover of sheep and goats, as well as more priests visibly filching my flocks and herds. So my conclusion was Zeus's sanctuary is taking more sacrifices than any other I have yet come across and am asking here if anyone else knows this to be true or has suspected it.

... and is it just me or does Zeus (the game) seem to be pushing a subliminal anti-clerical message? Because those priests sure are getting annoying thinning my herds (they seem to have a special fondness for goats over sheep), and I needing to replace them, all the time.
posted 11-12-11 04:41 ET (US)     1 / 3       
I noted the bigger the temple the more they take. Not anything you are able to do but have your temple as far from the herds help a little something to do with time to walk there I guess.
posted 11-13-11 05:16 ET (US)     2 / 3       
I believe it's related to amount of altars.

Zeus have 3 altars, so priests snatch 3 animals per one sacrifice.
posted 06-12-18 15:05 ET (US)     3 / 3       
Incorrect assumptions as Zeus Stronghold has only 1 Altar(3 priests as his 2 brother's sanctuaries). Demeter(major goddess) has 3 Altars but generates only 2 priests. Minor deities(smaller sanctuaries) have 1 priest. They are constants assigned(?hard? coded but hexable) in the exe data.

Sacrifice preference in Poseidon 2.1 are goat/sheep/cattle/food(granary list order with 4 loads available); building an extra dairy, shed, corral or farm/wharf is usually enough for 2or3 priests with maximum animals. They regenerate fast enough for 2 but a third priest may eventually deplete the herd so production suffers. Four sanctuaries generating say 7 priests would need 3 perhaps 4 extra buildings.

5 years without a sacrifice and the pray/consult buttons will be disabled. Don't know how random blessings may effect the sacrificial pillar, yet. I suspect no effect.

Removing road access for unneeded Sanctuary will stop its sacrificial cycle without penalty other then the deity stops spawning and the pray/consult buttons are disabled until employment is restored

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