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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » The Town Square » Just grab C3+Pharaoh+Zeus off GoG. Where is Emperor??
Topic Subject:Just grab C3+Pharaoh+Zeus off GoG. Where is Emperor??
posted 06-20-15 22:29 ET (US)         
Hey guys!

I just grabbed the bundle off GoG Gawd I missed C3 so much. My game's CD was loooooooooong gone

Curious tho, is Emperor available for purchase anywhere? Not on GoG as far as I can see.
HG Alumnus
posted 06-20-15 23:12 ET (US)     1 / 10 doesn't sell Emperor.
posted 06-21-15 08:23 ET (US)     2 / 10       
There is a page for 'requested games' at GOG, and Emperor is listed there. I encourage you to go there and vote for it!

Expand your fun by downloading free custom campaigns for Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.
Visit Zeus Heaven to expand your knowledge of Zeus and Poseidon.
TWH Seraph
posted 06-26-15 02:15 ET (US)     3 / 10       
Hopefully Emperor comes to GOG some day as I am still waiting to round out my collection, and I never did get a chance to play it back in the day unfortunately. Wouldn't mind some Caesar II either if at all possible for collection purposes.

Semi-related, you might like to check out Lethis - Path of Progress for a modern Victorian Steampunk-ish take on the Impressions city-builder formula of yore. Thanks to Steam's new refund policy you arguably don't have much to lose trying it out and returning it within the two hour limit if you don't happen to like it.
posted 07-05-15 08:24 ET (US)     4 / 10       
I think the problem with Emperor not being on is due to licensing rights issues. There are several copies available on eBay though and they seem to work with Windows 7 without issue.
posted 07-28-15 21:52 ET (US)     5 / 10       
Sgrìobh Scipii:
> "Semi-related, you might like to check out Lethis - Path of Progress for a modern Victorian Steampunk-ish take on the Impressions city-builder formula of yore. Thanks to Steam's new refund policy you arguably don't have much to lose trying it out and returning it within the two hour limit if you don't happen to like it."

Thanks for the link, Scipii. I had a browse through, though I find even the website confusing, so that doesn't augur well for my handling of the game!

I've never plunged into Steam, and I find the prospect daunting. I'm not a typical competitive gamer, and have no interest in telling other people about my scores nor being forcibly entrained to a specific website. I just want to store my game's code locally, and potter through it in my own time.

But a steampunk world does sound hugely appealing, so I hope Lethis finds itself stand-alone eventually, or maybe showing up on GOG.

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posted 08-16-15 21:02 ET (US)     6 / 10       
Depending of the country you are from, the copyrights laws are completely different from US, which is (as I could understand) the HG normative must abide.

Emperor may be downloaded for free in some Europeans countries, due a legal loophole, in other regions they are as restricted as any DRM protected program, so it would be illegal. According to these forum rules I cannot tell were to get it, because it would be illegal.

I have a legal copy from a second hand CD. If you are from US, the only legal way in your region would be buy the CD separately in the internet.
posted 05-20-16 20:22 ET (US)     7 / 10       
Add your vote to the Gog wishlist for Emperor here

Find the Impressions Games city builder series on Gog here

Contact the developer Breakaway Games and publisher Sierra to ask for this game to be put on Gog:

Breakaway Games

Sierra is back since 2014
Email them at

List of old Sierra games

Since Sierra is back releasing games than maybe there is a chance old (Emperor) and new (Medieval Mayor) city building games can be published.

If I get any reply from either I'll post it here, send your emails so they know there is interest.

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posted 05-21-16 06:45 ET (US)     8 / 10       
Hey alin;

Contacting the organizations involved is a good first step. But it should be made clear that after 14 years there are greater expectations then a nostalgic release. The marketability depends on providing an updated modernized version resolving former issues while expanding conceptual ideals to utilize systems increased performance capability.

1. Resolution expansion to include larger 4x3 variants, widescreen, 16x9(HD) and 4K technology.
2. Text scale-ability as a personal preference since users have differing visual needs.
3. Collapsible right panel(3 levels) to include minimal distraction, expanding to intermediate interactions and finally expanding fully so the mini-map(whatever its size) is not scaled down. Perhaps a separate 'pop out' just for the mini-map instead of the third level.
4. Expanding the 2D building artwork to include all 4 perspective viewpoints for all objects. The Fishing Quay and Rice Paddy Fields are the few examples of how detailed they all should be. Terrain variations to include tree and grass growth on half slopes. Water flow on terrain height variations. Fresh and Salt water expansion including new commodities, restrictions of crop growth, land usage in proximity water type & disasters, tidal or seasonal events.
5. Get the lighting perspective corrected. Animations(walkers and structures) should not be contrary. Truly rotatable housing and other structures so the user has control of how things look. Wallpaper the exteriors for custom designing might be nice.
6. Empire map and interaction needs improvement. Difficult to tell from graphics what Climate Region a city is. Difficult to select diplomats, spies and otherwise interact and correlate information without clicking around endlessly. Needs to be better integrated with main view info, perhaps all info Dialog should be independent, persistent and movable. Right click cancel is OK for general help stuff but not detailed dialog.
7. Editor needs a complete overhaul. MAP terrain recalculation should fix 'black holes' or other terrain error combinations. Designers should be able to access the 'tutorial' type text/graphics or just use a generic 'rich text document' extension. Conditional scripting as in previous Impression games, but more robust.
8. More commodities: fruit from aesthetic trees(local) and orchards(distribution). Herbs/veggies from gardens(local) or farming. Pearl, mother of pearl, corral as luxury items or enhancements to lacquer-ware. Baskets or other weaved containers or strong weaved furnishings(rattan) or carpentry items from bamboo or wood.
9. More realistic workforce/citizenry. Age defined and job limiting, skill-set history both effecting production. What respect does a 15 year old have to be a tax collector, bureaucrat or priest. How productive is a 50 year old miner, perhaps its time for him to become a priest or inspector if there is a job opening or go to work for a rich guy. What do Elites do anyway other then pay taxes. Where does that money come from, a printing press in the basement?

Exhaustive thinking of all this up over 14 years. And a bit peevish that I'm supporting communist ideals of free stuff for everyone.

happy gaming

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posted 05-21-16 15:24 ET (US)     9 / 10       
user3 - That's a great detailed list, have you emailed the two contacts with that info?
I don't want to copy and paste everything I see and keep emailing them because it might be misinterpreted as spam.
I would suggest each player come up with their own list, link to this thread and the links I provided in my post above when emailing them.

Those features you mention would also be good to have in a new city builder game, you can view a list of upcoming cb games here so you may want to contact the devs, join game-specific forums and post your feature idea list to see if they can be added into newer games as well. CaesarIA (aka Open Caesar 3), Ymir Online, Banished, and Clockwork Empires seem like the most amenable to mods and/or features.

As you may know there is already a widescreen resolution fix available elsewhere online for the city builder games but apparently we can't mention that here due to the CoC which needs to be revised in my opinion.
Some of what you wrote may be possible for a programmer to do for free or paid, but again then the CoC is brought up, even though dozens of games have been patched and modified over the years by players themselves and there haven't been lawsuits. The developers left the players no choice as the game wasn't supported as much as it should have been.

Some rts games on the HG site here have been modified within the limitations and have helped to keep the activity going over the years, but I think the city builder games have less potentially modifiable content that those games which usually have some sort of mod options and support upon release. Check my posts in this thread about Emperor modding for example.

Just a quick example of a thing I'd like to see in these games is the option to read messages and historical texts while playing the game, instead of having the messages pause the game every time, you could choose to pause and read or read while playing instead of turning the notifications off to be filed away out of sight. You could also have the option to read the game help text as well as actual historical, religious, cultural and economic info about whatever time period you are in for that civilization.

When building those monuments in Pharaoh for example, if you got your city in a good balance even on a fast speed you can just sit there with minimal actions as the monument is constructed so it gets boring at times. Having the option to read some info in those game moments while waiting would help the time go by and you get educated as well. Or they could expand the detail of the sim so when you click on a temple an animation plays where you go inside, music is playing and you observe the actions inside with mouse over text. These would be windows that open up either as a small size or fullscreen if you want when you click on the building. If a fire happened while you are reading the usual message notification would pop up so you could take action right away. I suggested this for Open Caesar 3 so maybe they will put that option in there.

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posted 02-11-17 07:26 ET (US)     10 / 10       
Just found out that Emperor is finally available on GOG.

*edit* Sorry, it was already mentioned in the forum. I just got so excited

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