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Topic Subject:Caesar III - my proposals
posted 03-11-15 15:25 ET (US)         

Firstly, I would like to tell you, that I am very pleased, happy and amazed, that someone has finally undertaken this marvellous idea to make a remake of such splendid game as Caesar III is, of which I am longtime fan since it was published.
And now I would like to add some of my suggestions - overall: I donīt think,that there is need to implemet 3D technology into this superb game,I think it will spoil it.But generally I agree with new textures of buildings, landscape,hills,animals,figures,workshops with animated wokrkers and so on.Extended bussines and diplomatic realtions with cities in Imperium and beyond Imperium.

What I would also add -

Maps - large, more realistic (more similar to historical models) maps from side to side (I think,Iīm not the only one, who hates,that the original Caesar III maps are ending in black nothing,in black void).I would also add detailed map of the city in Imperial map(like in Emperor) with color definition of particular types of buildings and industry.

Housing - orange color on map
Administration - black color on map,new add - courthouses,mints
Military - red color on map,new add - extended number of units,new types of units: navy - military docks, legion as primary military force (swords and two voleys of javelins) plus auxiliares (slingers,archers,etc) - blacksmiths,cavalry - stables,siege weapons?,possibility of manning and not manning the towers.
Agriculture - light green color on map,new add - apart from existing in original Caesar III: mills,new crops - such as legumes,vegetables,industry - linen,new fruits,new animals,such as -
Industry and mining - light brown color on map,new add - apart from existing in original Caesar III: new industry - textile (linen,wool),luxury goods,new mining sources - gold,silver,gems,new sources - tin(luxury goods,furniture),lead(navy),iron works and iron smelters.
Bussines - yellow color on map, possibility of changing amounts of goods in warehauses (1/4,1/3,1/2 etc),caravans with leaders
Health - white color on map
Education - purple color on map
Religion - violet color on map
City Walls and Towers - grey and dark gray color on map
Water Industry - light blue color on map

PS - I would also add, to Campaign or Career Mode, one of the most important event in Roman history - Punic Wars.
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