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Topic Subject:This is a thing still?
posted 03-15-14 17:53 ET (US)         
So, I dug up my Zeus: Master of Olympus and the Poseidon expansion, installed it, and out of curiosity looked up the Wikipedia article for Zeus. I ended up finding this website and, out of further curiosity, clicked on the Forum.

Much to my surprise, there's still a community of Zeus fans? Holy crizzap.

It definitely put a smile on my face, especially being one of the few who bought the game when it came out and had played it for years.

Oh. And I'm Microfrog. Nice to meet ya. :3
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posted 03-16-14 03:10 ET (US)     1 / 1       
Hi Microfrog

Welcome to HeavenGames

Looks like the Citybuilder series have become an Evergreen series. We still see new people here who have just discovered the games, some of them by stumbling over them on

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