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Topic Subject:Research with town builders
posted 11-06-13 11:08 ET (US)         
Hello, town builders.

I am a long fan of Caesar 3, Pharaoh, Zeus and Emperor, and due to that, i decided to make an academic research article regarding these games.

As for now, here is a survey for all town builders. I cannot tell yet my objective to avoid biasing the research, but i will tell it once i finish, and i believe my objective is of interest to the community.

Grateful if you guys answer and indicate this to other city builders as well.
There are 7 questions, Q. A is open answer, the rest is a likert scale (rate from 1 to 5)

A. Of all the games out there, why do you like impression/tilted mill city building series (Caesar 3, pharaoh, zeus, etc)?

For the following ones, rate it from 1 to 5, where 1 = strongly disagree and 5 = strongly agree.
B. The challenges in these games makes me learn new ways to solve them.
C. There were real life situations where i used the knowledge i got from this game.
D. I do know the consumer behavior theories.
F. (if yes to question D) I can indentify similarities between the theory and the citizen`s behavior in the game.
G. (if no to question D) I can identify similarities between the citizen`s behaviors and people in real life.
H. I know how the citizens, in general, work in this game, and i can build a faq or a model of it if i wanted to.

Thank you for the interest.

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posted 11-07-13 12:45 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Two questions:

Question A - Are you looking for the genre or a specific game?

Question E?

The inherent problem being human is that you always know what is best for everyone else.
posted 11-14-13 17:49 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Puff.. Thanks for pointing it out, Maximus. I deleted a question but forgot to change the other questions mark related to it. And as for the genre, it iss the city buildings like caesar III, pharaoh, zeus...

Also i noticed the forums are not much active nowadays. I don`t think i can gather enough answers, so i decided to change my methodology to one that allow me to mine the data from the existing forum topics. I looked at forum rules and couldn`t identify any rules that forbid that, if i have missed something, let me know.

So im closing the survey, if anyone still want to answer it still would be helpful, althrough im not going to use it oficially anymore.

I want to show using your guys behavior in this forum how games like these present challenges that make players use their cognitive abilities, leading to the conclusion they can be used for education (without being made exactly for that purpose) in the right context. (ie: to train managers/city administrators)

I believe it would give a new importance to this game genre and would help break much of the prejudice some people have against games. :P

I may be dreaming high here, but i decided to give a try.
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