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Topic Subject:Tenedos
posted 06-19-11 10:56 ET (US)         
Yes...THAT Tenedos.

I am finding this to be a nuisance to do. The advice I've read is to keep my housing off the high plateau, and to avoid building - well - anything there.

The problem with this arrangement is it leaves a very small amount of room. Further, with the constant invasions from Troy (and, eventually, others deciding I'm weak - thanks Hector! - and themselves joining in), I do not have enough rabble to satisfy the need for foot soldiers in the area. There also just doesn't seem to be enough tax income, and I can't just sit and watch for a year either; Ares comes along and destroys my piers, a few elite houses (there goes any Horsemen I can get before Hector's arrival), and so on.

I've determined that the main objective for me is to get the Perseus-summoning goals done before it's time to summon him; this also means a gradual import of armor (to get to 32), and a lot of reliance on my foot soldiers and taxation of their Townhouses. Only one neighbourhood of Townhouses therefore doesn't do the trick. I need to put a second one somewhere, and my Elite housing has to stay on the lower plateau. Further, I'm thinking of building my sanctuary to Hephaestus on the upper land between invasions and town (Athena I have not decided on yet, but the former is needed for Perseus and I stupidly chose this colony first, so I am starved for Sculpture for the thing since Wood and Marble I can import, but not Bronze). I'm also considering whether I should just surrender to Troy the first time they come in - it makes me a vassal, but do they go away or do they continue to send troops in an attempt to ouster you? I'm aware losing a battle while already a vassal ends the game. I'm also considering putting the Palace in a six tile thick wall...and Towers dotted on the outside of it as a final defence.

This is sure one nasty scenario. I know if I can pass this test, the mission is mine.

posted 06-20-11 00:22 ET (US)     1 / 3       
If you can , restart from last save in parent city ...
Rule Cyme , Miletos and Ethiopia before going in Tenedos , you can buy bronze from them , so armours are no more a problem ( neither scultures ) , and you can sell wine made from imported grapes and your oil excess .
If you can't or wan't , use the first bought armament for at least 4 triremes and loot rivals for armament and bronze ...
At Olympian , I needed a war treasury near 40 000 Dr when leaving Aulis to set ASAP all is needed to win ( as a fierce towers defence near the invasion point and the two sanctuaries build ...).

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HG Alumnus
posted 06-20-11 17:30 ET (US)     2 / 3       
This should be in the Zeus: Game Help forum.
posted 06-20-11 17:37 ET (US)     3 / 3       
Because the first two were so simple, I unfortunately didn't have any saves to work with. Further, I did create the second neighbourhood (though I separated both putting one on the upper plateau and kept the elites downstairs, I'll go more into my successful run shortly). When Hector came along and I still didn't have the 32 Armor I needed, however - and to top it off, when I was already in debt, Troy came in and sent a second army while I was still fighting, which seemed to be led by Hector based on his stalking point - I thus couldn't summon Odysseus and I was about to suffer two losses simultaneously, so I quit and returned to the home colony on a fresh map (17,000 Drachmas just wasn't cutting it and I figured I could do better on a fresh game).

This time around, at Aulis, I used my brains for once. I set up my entrance neighbourhood, Fleece, and Wine industries, and milked them for what they were worth for about ten years while everything was peaceful. I didn't put a full compliment of Wheat Farms right away. By the time I was ready to move on, I had a huge bankroll saved up as well as a sanctuary to Hermes grabbing the occasional Sheep. Cue Episode 2. Trade with the wine-buyers shuts down, and they become rivals. I empty and remove their docks and set up a fishing industry, and get to work building a second sanctuary now, this one to Hades (showing some genius, I had already imported the Bronze for Sculptures in the first episode!). Once the sanctuary was done, I had a second neighbourhood next door to the first next to the Wolf lair. I put 22 Mints by the new sanctuary and let them at the new silver ore rocks by the sanctuary, raising my pay rates to get the employees. Elite housing was not available, and I hadn't considered conquering one of my new rivals with my Trireme Wharves (I figured it wasn't enough even with another city's help), but I instead decided to wait for my Elite housing to make things easier and settled for creating the other colony instead. I also used the nearby small island to plant a fishing industry, which I turned on and off periodically. Eventually, I went to the first (other) colony. There, I eventually had a quadruple invasion (in four months, four god[esse]s attacked), and I lost my palace and trade depots on numerous occasions, so I was thankful to have the bankroll to buy off the Trojans while churning out armor for my parent city (which I never saw when I got home, how irresponsible of them XD). Ares even destroyed something that was constructed on the sanctuary! XD Eventually it was done, Athena's sanctuary followed, and then I put down a scant neighbourhood next to it just to get the population goal. Troy came along and I decided to let them in thinking Zeus would take them out like he had once already; he didn't for some reason. Fortunately, my last immigrants made it into their homes and I won the mission before the fighting got too heavy. Episode 4 wasn't bad, all sorts of set aside goals and Odysseus's quest; before completing my last set aside goal, I took the time to conquer Cyme in particular (as well as someone else) since I figured I'd need to in the final episode NEway. successful Tenedos run (on the first try this time around!).

It turns out my conquering was not necessary when I reached Tenedos; I was getting Sculpture tributes, and my prior attempts had me buying Marble and getting gifts of Wood, so they could have stayed rivals and it wouldn't have made a difference until the final scenario, when it would have been necessary to conquer them then. Tenedos actually turned out to be EASY. I had 150,000 or so Drachmas, and finished with more than that (the Drachma tributes I didn't have the first time around also were useful). I did import some bronze, but Hephaestus's sanctuary was done by the second year and I quickly planted my Foundries, giving more profits from selling Armor (for some reason Ares didn't destroy my pier with Armor inside this time). Something I didn't have on the prior attempt was requests for forces (I went back to my first save and set my Elites immediately next to a sanctuary on the upper tier (!), and that was enough to keep them a colony and not a rival). Ares never attacked the elite housing on the upper tier; the first time around, he kept destroying them three at a time and my Palace also found destruction frequently. Odysseus was called almost immediately when available in Year 7 (some Armor was en route somewhere in the city, so I had to monitor it and call him at the exact instant it landed), and he got there before Hector. Unfortunately, my Horse Ranch got destroyed before Odysseus got over there to fight (there were no Horses at the time, but what a waste of Wheat). Hector was dispatched, I put in a few more houses, increased my pay rate to the maximum, and built three Triremes. I conquered Ethiopia before Lyrnessus, waited for the men to rearm themselves, and decided I didn't need help to fell Lyrnessus on the first try (note that Cyme was conquered in episode 4, so I started the mission with that goal achieved already!). I think my foresight was right, and I was outta there with a profit in a scant 11 years, four years after Hector's arrival!

I got back to Aulis with instructions to conquer five cities, including Troy. Knowing I couldn't attack Troy yet - and already having the others as vassals - the scenario became quite boring very quickly. To give me something to do, I constructed Athena's sanctuary. That was done in a matter of months. I was bored again. I placed two new Trireme Wharves. A few months later, I got a collapsed building notice. I went to the site; it was the two Trireme Wharves. The boats and soldiers sank as I realized I never put down a maintenance office. I replaced the Wharves and put down the shed, this time watching them build the Triremes (BTW, I had shut off my Mint industry in episode four - turns out I didn't need it once I could sell to some of my vassals again, and tax income was spectacular). A few years in, I got the military decline note. Troy still appeared strong, and I had already answered more troop requests, but everyone was home and armed when the decline happened, so I sent five Triremes and some six companies into Troy. This attack failed, but Troy's defence dropped to a mere one shield; I had to rearm quickly. It got back to two and Troy became hostile, eventually trying to invade me. While waiting for them, my last needed Armor got to the remaining unarmed Elites and I sent the entire crew off to Troy again. I bribed them to leave. They didn't get home in time to stop me conquering them. Some five or six years, I went back after the victory MP3s and got a snapshot of "YOU CONQUERED TROY!".

I may post my Tenedos saves later. With a full bank of Drachmas, the mission turned out to be fun.


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