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Topic Subject:Grand ages rome
(id: Coldviper)
posted 12-28-09 22:13 ET (US)         
This is quite a nice game. All though I do still enjoy Caesar 3 this game has a lot of positive elements such as flow resources and a story line. I would be really happy if there was a heaven for this

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posted 08-25-10 07:43 ET (US)     1 / 2       
A lot of people liked it but I didn't like this game so much:
I thought flow resources were a distinctly negative aspect, a cop-out really and quite difficult to understand to start with, even though you got used to it eventually.
I like to see cart pushers and goods in storage, so not really my type of citybuilder.
People who like a lot of combat should like it. In the end I didn't finish the campaign because it seemed endless fighting.
Even so it's entertaining up to a point.

If anyone is looking for another Roman CB. I'd suggest CivCity:Rome even with it's limitations. However it is a proper CB with individuals who live in a particular house and work in a particular job and all the cart pullers and warehouses you could possible want. And some combat.
Don't be fooled by complaints about ranges. People still have to actively visit the destination to get the good or service.
posted 05-06-11 09:25 ET (US)     2 / 2       
I do like some aspects of Grand Ages: Rome, but it quickly becomes very repetetitive, even for a city builder. It looks pretty and I love it as such, but it doesn't strangely enough allow me the freedom I want.

It also lacks a bit of the soul from previous titles such as Zeus and Emperor. I think we need more city builders that do not explicitly deal with a Roman theme. It's so worn-out by now. I like the idea of CivCity: Rome but I find that it is somewhat poorly executed.
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