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Topic Subject:Winning Campaign Caralis!
posted 08-05-17 02:37 ET (US)         
Hello all,
. . . . I had to reinstall C4. So I ended up starting the campaigns at the beginning. I am now playing the Caralis Scenario in the Republic Campaign. How do you win this? I have all of the ratings higher than I need except for the Prosperity Rating. It is at 45 and I need 50 to win. The problem is that I am at a point where I need Barbers to win and they are blanked out. No Barbers makes it were you are stuck at a Rating of 45. Ouch!
GOD Bless,
posted 08-06-17 00:40 ET (US)     1 / 3       
Can you build a bathhouse instead? I looked at the housing requirements page and that said:

Large Villa:
hygiene: barber shop or bathhouse
religion: one god
entertainment: theatre
posted 08-06-17 00:44 ET (US)     2 / 3       
You should be able to get the prosperity with just medium estates:

10 large insulae = 10x25 = 250
6 medium domus = 6x25 = 150
5 medium estates = 5x155 = 775
Total = 1175
Per house = 1175/(10+6+5) = 55.95
Tony Devon UK
posted 08-20-17 13:14 ET (US)     3 / 3       
If you have a problem with any scenario, go to the Walkthroughs. They are found on the left side of the main page. I wrote one for Caralis way back in 2009, I played it through many times to be able to write the guide.
Regards, Tony Devon.
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