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Topic Subject:papyrus delivery storage yards
posted 03-02-19 12:17 ET (US)         
Am reading Brugle's "Immence Itjtawy" reply #20, third to last paragraph of "Papyrus Delivery Storage Yards" section. If I read it correctly the following is the optimal way to set up a storage yard to deliver papyrus (or any other good, i.e. beer, linen):

1 Fill 3/4 with a good totally unused by the city (i.e. plane stone in Itytawy).

2 This good cannot be a good which the SY is not getting or has any chance at delivering like pottery, but totally unused by the city.

3 Set SY to "get" 1/4 papyrus.

4 SY will use both cart pushers to deliver up to 400 papyrus each.

5 But if the "extra" 3/4-filled good is used in any way by the city, above example of pottery instead of the totally unused plane stone, only one cart pusher will do deliveries and he will deliver only 100 papyrus at a time.

Is this correct?
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A comprehensive description of what is happening is found in Double a "getting" storage yard's delivery capacity, for what are now known as BSYs or Brugle Storage Yards.

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Reading the thread that evil_live_vile linked might give you all the information you need, but in case it doesn't, here are a few things that seem important to me. Ask again if you still have questions.

A BSY may not be needed. My latest city, Heh, has a BSY to deliver papyrus, but beer and linen are delivered (to a senet house and 2 mortuaries) by accepting storage yards near the docks.

It is generally easier to fill all 8 bays with the "inert" good, especially when it is cheaper than the delivered good. If the BSY is 1/4 filled with the delivered good, it must be set to get at least 3/4 of the delivered good.

The "inert" good can be any good that won't be taken from the BSY. I have used a food (that isn't imported). Just for fun, the BSY in my Heh uses two foods (both set to get, so the food won't be taken by getting granaries).
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