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Topic Subject:Wages and labour
posted 02-22-19 00:07 ET (US)         
In Zeus and Emperor, increasing wages brings makes more of our population willing to work. Does something like that happen in Pharaoh (or Caesar 3)?
posted 02-22-19 05:08 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Wages are one factor contributing to city sentiment, which is the defining mechanism for immigration. I cannot find it but I'm pretty sure there is a post somewhere defining the relationship between sentiment and immigration which breaks down the number of immigrants/month for each sentiment level - maybe someone else knows.

Pharaoh and C3 are similar on this point - the higher the sentiment, the more immigrants arrive per month. Now, changing wages ceteris paribus (or, all other things being equal) should increase sentiment which will impact on immigration. So if you are trying to get more workers ASAP, wages will impact on the number of workers but in an indirect way.

Otherwise the number of workers is fairly fixed as a proportion of the non-scribe population, with the only variables being city age and demographics.

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number of workers ... the only variables being city age and demographics
City age is only important in that it affects demographics. For details, see Work force calculation.
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