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Topic Subject:Meidum for Speed
posted 12-07-18 02:13 ET (US)         
I started playing Pharaoh again (after a long break) 2 months ago and came to Saqqara and then Meidum, where I had to build the Pyramids. I couldn't break the fastest time 48 months by Max (I couldn't finish it less than 50 months), but I just finished Meidum in 121 months (3 month faster than Max). And I did it without debt, less people (8896 people in 16 Elegant Manors and 88 Common Residences), and no blessing.

The milestones:

1. July 1st year I placed the first Work Camp near Pyramid, added 1 by 1 until I had 13 on November and 20 on March 2nd Year.

2. The Ground Works were finished on February 3rd year, and I had some stones in Store Yards from 14 Quarries and 4 Stone Guilds had workers

3. I deleted 7 Work Camps, added more Quarries (58 total), Stone Guilds (10 total) and placed 2 Carpenters and could finish the 2nd layer before year's end

4. March 5th year: 6 layers

5. August 6th year: 12 layers

6. December 7th year: 18 layers

7. August 9th year: 24 layers

8. January 11th year: 30 layers (finish)

121 months were actually 120 months plus 1 week (maybe less). This is a reason I want to play it again, to finish before New Year. Other reason: I want to develop the city more carefully.

These some improvements I can think:

* I just realize that Stone Guilds don't need fire protection -> I can add 1 extra Stone Guild without change the layout.

* I plan to put more attention to food's distribution especially after the 2nd and 3rd harvest (more food for houses near entrance)

* I plan to import some potteries first, 800 potteries are enough to evolve 2 housing blocks (32 2x2-houses) near entrance earlier. The city had enough money but not enough workers for 58 quarries and 10 Stone Guilds in the 3rd year. I have a save's file from April 3rd Year: 42 Quarries and 4 Stone Guilds are working, the city has more than 2000 db but -13 workers.

Btw. I drawed the layout based on the excel map from Nero Would and I put it on Google Drive so you can take a look:

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posted 12-17-18 09:25 ET (US)     1 / 1       
Finally : Finished Meidum in 116 Months!!

Some improvements I made:

* Placed the vacant lots carefully to secure fast immigrations

* Added 4 more quarries not far from main SY (I found a post from Brugle: "The shortest walk of the architects are 43 tiles." I thought it was 34 not 43, lol)

* Used 13 Stone's Guilds for the first 12 layers (actually from the 2nd to 12th layer, because for the 1st layer I could build only 8). 13 Stone's Guilds gave 26 Manson's pairs, so the first 6 layers (50 loads) could be done in 2 waves

* In 2nd year I added more papyrus makers before workcamps -> more money to build more quarries earlier. As compensation I added 1 extra workcamps (21 total)

I just uploaded the save-files, hope it will be available in download's area soon
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