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Topic Subject:Missions wrong
posted 07-08-18 22:23 ET (US)         
These are Holy Grail, Hostile Nations (Queen of the Nile) and Predetermined.

In Holy Grail 2 large farms demand you, but in that mission there is practically no way to import precious stones, or luxury items, nor can they be produced in that mission, even if you answer all the requests.

In Hostile Nations is a Pharaoh Mission in which 100 points of Culture are required. In Pharaoh there is no problem because in Pharaoh there are no Zoo, but in Queen of the Nile, yes. The theme is that in this Mission of the Queen of the Nile is not the option to build Zoo, therefore you can only get 70 points of Culture.

The Predetermined Mission has no victory objectives, but there is no Empire Highway, therefore nothing can be done.
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posted 07-09-18 08:54 ET (US)     1 / 1       
Hi Diego65536, welcome to Pharaoh Heaven.

I don't think any of those missions are "wrong".

Holy Grail is unwinnable, as I would expect from its name (since the holy grail could never be found). Some players didn't understand this and complained, so Baltic created a winnable Holy Grail.

As you noted, Hostile Nations is winnable only when playing with the non-Cleopatra Pharaoh. The family history missions Bubastis and Hetepsenusret (which required Culture over 70) were modified to include a zoo and so could be won using Cleopatra, which was possible since they had game meat and straw available. However, Hostile Nations does not have either game meat or straw available and so cannot have a zoo. If you want to win Hostile Nations using Cleopatra, you could modify the mission (using the map editor) to only require Culture 70.

I'd guess that Predetermined is the map that in the English version is called Default, which is not meant to be played. It is loaded into the map editor before creating a new map.
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