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Emperor: Scenario Design Palace
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Topic Subject:Pretty Grand Tumulus Project
posted 09-01-19 15:17 ET (US)         
Off on another hair-brained idea, I am. I'll be trying out adding Underground Vault Soldiers and Couryard graphics around the Grand Tumulus. Eventualy adding extra buildings too. This time I will just let it be built and complete normally. At least until I can figure out how to change the completed graphics. Any suggestions?

Thumbnail shows the Grand Tumulus footprint with half of it surrounded by what will be Soldier statues. Im curious how the it will play out as the graphics change from Vault to Vault(?I think?); thinking it pulls data from the terrain map or offsets, shrug.

Click thumbnail for larger image

Well that didn't go well. Seems the Soldiers are 2x2 graphics so I'll be editing them again. May not work regardless since the completed monument doesn't display anything but their tan footprint.

I got a hankering that Soldier statues won't work without a completed graphics fix. Tabling that, I moved onto the Palace Courtyard(hidden sub-build call, no text file). Not a good candidate as gardens could be placed by the player without the auto-created hills.

Side-note: I didn't even place housing for that monument finish. A crafty player could use text file editing to cheat this way, undetectable too if they time it right.

A useful decoration call is the Clock Tower Wall; again I didn't build any housing, finishes itself without stone or could require stone if desired. The Gate is ugly-ish but I can accept it. These are more like fencing then walls.

I tried for a Canal Bridge(4x4), but it errors out crashing Emperor. I assume a GW 4x4/5x4's will do the same; expecting map edge terminations.

I know SB_TEMPLE_CENTER & SB_TEMPLE_CENTERA will work with a little map editing for the elevation changes from my previous experiments.

SB_TEMPLE_COURTYARDA are gardens and manicured grass; nice filler but the pattern may be an issue.
SB_TEMPLE_COURTYARD are 2x2 manicured grass and 2x2 fake road-plaza.
SB_GREAT_WALL_ROAD can provide real road tiles; don't remember if they are improvable with '-Ways'.

SB_SPLENDID_WALL is very impressive and beautiful; good for the perimeter perhaps.

Click thumbnail for larger image.

SB_PAGODA_WALL is fencing and entryways; nice for interior separators. Maybe mix with the Clock Tower Walls/Gate.

For my test Campaign, I changed the EarthenGW to StoneGW and removed the Tumulus; keeping the Splendid Temple for Ceramist enablement. [3 monuments which works to avoid the Monument list bug, barely]
Good calls for decorations(requirement)
SB_CLOCK_TOWER_WALL(stone or none)
SB_SPLENDID_WALL(stone or none)
SB_PAGODA_WALL(stone or none)

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posted 09-03-19 01:28 ET (US)     1 / 2       
I've been playing with the dirt removal phase and came up with this; which saves a little time on removal and coverup. I'll double-check for more decorations later.

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posted 09-03-19 14:08 ET (US)     2 / 2       
I got the sub-buildings placed. Just need to shift positions enough for the other decorations then finalize the terrain MAP hills.

I don't see a lot of interest in MODing Monuments, so this is my finally.

happy gaming
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