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Topic Subject:an issue with food preference
posted 11-08-19 02:05 ET (US)         
Salvete aedificatores aedificatricesque!

As I was planning Massilia, I think I made a mistake.

Basic layout is : two grand insulae blocks in the west (eating wheat and fish), one fish-eating large insulae block in the middle, and 1 lux. palace block + 1 grand insulae block in the east. The problem at hand is with this east conglomerate of palaces and gr. insulae.

If I am correct, food prefences are as follows : wheat > vegetables > fruit > fish or meat.

Originally I calculated around 3000 people (1200 in palaces, around 1800 in the GI block) eating 3 varieties of food : 1000 eating fish, 1000 eating wheat, 1000 eating fruit.

Later it dawned on me that the grand insulae only eat 2 varieties of food, so they wouldn't touch the fish.

So in fact, only 400 ppl in palaces would be eating fish, and 1300 each (400 in palaces, 900 in the GI) would be eating wheat and fruit.

Is this correct? Do the markets at the GI block not touch any fish at all, given the choice?

(I think I can keep the overall design of my city intact, since I calculated some surplus, I can always cut some vinefarms for extra food in the later stages of the level, and I can put slightly less ppl in the GI block.)

Thanks in advance!
HG Alumnus
posted 11-08-19 05:53 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Markets will collect all foods that are available, but will supply only the number of foods to houses that they need at the moment when they are supplied more. They want more if they have less than 4 units of food (.04 cartloads) times the maximum number of residents of a food when a market trader is nearby, and will take that same amount of food if the market has it. So if a market always has 3 foods, its trader will supply grand insulae will only the more preferred 2.

However, in general, a market will sometimes run out of a food. For example, using your foods, if a market has run out of fruit when its trader is near a grand insulae that has run low on fruit, the grand insulae will be supplied fish instead but will continue to eat wheat and fruit. When it runs out of fruit, it will eat wheat and fish. However, when it runs low on fish, it will probably be supplied fruit and go back to eating wheat and fruit but will still have some fish in stock. So if you built grand insulae with those 3 foods available, you would probably gradually see more of them having all 3 foods available, and occasionally see a house without wheat or fruit that is eating fish.

I find it easier to restrict houses to only having the number of foods available that they consume. In my Happy Massilia, only palaces were supplied fruit.
posted 11-08-19 06:13 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Thank you very much for your speedy reply and detailed explanation!

I already downloaded your Happy Massilia, but I won't look at it until I get my own city up and running. Mine won't be nearly as Happy as yours, I expect, but hopefully at least a Mildly Contented Massilia.
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