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Topic Subject:City blocks help
posted 12-04-18 17:37 ET (US)         
I am returning to C3 after a long absence (4-5 years).
Back in my day (WOW I sound old), the 9X9 block was a standard with 7X7 for desert maps.
Is that still true.

Also, where are the basic building block images located now ?

Thanks for any help
posted 12-04-18 17:52 ET (US)     1 / 1       
Welcome back. I just returned a couple weeks ago as well.

You can use 9X9 and 7x7 if you wish, but I find them hard to use on some maps, and I generally don't like their appearance. Specifically because I like to have my housing on the outside of my loops so I have simpler labor access, among other reasons.

Housing block examples are available from many locations. Searching these forums will give you a ton of options; a lot of threads were started by me and then discussed between Brugle and me ad nauseum.

But you can get started with the blocks listed by Joshofet in Reply #3 of the list of most useful forum threads sticky.
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