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Topic Subject:How many carpenters/labourers for Handan?
posted 12-30-17 22:14 ET (US)         
I'm doing fairly well on the Handan city (Iron and Earth) but as expected the great wall is taking forever for the first layer, and I was warned in a walkthrough that there are 3 layers. I have 2 carpenter guilds, and am wondering if I should have more, but the limiting factor appears to be wood -- despite several loggers in the various forests around the site, and a warehouse near the workers with "get 24 wood", the wood isn't arriving very fast.

So, how many carpenters should I have, and (when I get that far) how many labour camps to get done in a reasonable time?

Edit: I got the message "materials failed to reach monument: source too distant" at a point where the monument was waiting for wood and my nearby warehouse of wood was empty. What is the impact of such a failure? Just a delay until wood arrives at the warehouse? or was some material (wood) actually lost?

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posted 12-31-17 04:17 ET (US)     1 / 2       
I still have my final save for this scenario.
If it helps, I had 2 Labour camps, 4 carpenter guilds and 3 logging camps (although as this was when all the wood had already been nearly all collected, I suspect there may have been 5 or 6 loggers in total originally. I also had zero unemployment or labour shortage at very high wages, so I may have cut loggers down to 3 for this reason)

I also had two warehouses (originally 3) set to accept wood (not get) near the wall access roads, as close as I could get to the wall. I also had a warehouse set to accept a small amount of wood on the other side of the river for tax purposes.

My wall was completed in Oct 335.

Can't answer the second point. I dunno how far the carpenters will go to get wood.

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posted 12-31-17 08:30 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Thanks! I had 3 logging camps each near its own forest with a warehouse relatively nearby hoping that would speed up their operation. That's why the warehouse near the construction work was on 'get'. Not sure if game mechanics made that the right strategy but it seemed to make sense from the little I understand. Sounds like in the middle I should have doubled that.

I kept playing, mostly on 100% speed when the city stabilized, just watching the Religion screen every couple of months, and eventually the carpentry completed. Sounds like I should have doubled the number of them, with even more loggers.

I'm coming back to the GOG version of Emperor (with cloud saves so I can play from all my computers) after a full decade of not playing; this was the scenario where I abandoned the game back in 2007. I guess I have been learning patience.

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