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Topic Subject:Parent City's number - apart from 0
posted 01-20-17 20:57 ET (US)         
Having done a few adventures in the past, I never tried this before, so I'm feeling a little curious.

Has anyone set the parent city's number to be anything other than zero? Like 21 for instance? Would there be any benefits or drawbacks in doing this? I think there was in one of the other city-building games - can't remember which one though. o_O

Regarding Zeus however, I don't really know.
posted 01-21-17 08:33 ET (US)     1 / 3       
Well, since you asked, in Emperor some of the scripted events are hard-coded to use city #0 in the event message. For example the 'City attacks Rival' event and the 'Military Request' event will both only use city #0 in the event message, even if the target is a different city. I really hate this bug but have learned to build a campaign around it.

I don't know about Zeus/Poseidon either.

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posted 01-22-17 10:30 ET (US)     2 / 3       
Nothing in Zeus stops you from making Parent City whatever number on roster you want.

In fact, I use this in several adventures to set up events 'city range' more efficiently this way.
posted 01-25-17 20:15 ET (US)     3 / 3       
Never tried it myself - I always set City 0 as the parent city; it just makes it easier for scripting events.

@Haspen - the way I usually set up my cities is Parent, Ally / Vassal, Rival, Colony, Distant & Mythological. That way works for me, but everybody has their own style.

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