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Topic Subject:Story-writing on an alternative document
posted 06-07-16 09:59 ET (US)         
Been a long time since I've last seen this forum. :-S

Anyway, I've been thinking of going back to one of my adventures after having this long 1 month break, and after reviewing everything I planned for this adventure, (thank god I wrote this 70 page document before otherwise I would've forgotten everything) I've been thinking of making a new style of story-telling.

Long story short, not only are the stories I've planned out in each adventure episode is so long that it is frantically so hard to keep track of reading it on the game itself, but they also have one additional element that is so vital for players to understand what to do. In other words, playing the adventure I made based on your knowledge of the mechanics alone will theoretically not let you past most of the adventure.

So I've been thinking of doing some sort of Word or Powerpoint presentation based on this format:

- Episode title - e.g. Whistling Winds of the Wicked - something random that just came out.

- Episode story - e.g. "Lo and Behold!! I am your dad, harry. And my name's Voldemort. I've come to the future to tell you that my name is Martin" - something random that just came out.

- Objectives - e.g. "Rule Spongebob's Bakery", "6 wine/yr" - w/e

- Loss Conditions - e.g. "If Spongebob's bakery is not conquered in one year, your people will kill you because they want bread" or "The Hydra must not be killed, as it is spongebob's brother" or "do NOT lose your granary during the enemy siege, otherwise your people will depose you" etc etc etc.

- Optional - e.g. "Once every year, the capital makes a request of troops from your city to participate in an annual event of a jousting competition to celebrate the baby-boom due to the holy blessings of Queen Hera. Participate in this event and you may earn a helpful reward."

As you can see, the loss conditions and optional objectives alone, take so much of this reply; let alone Zeus/Poseidon's bloody txt file!! It's really easy for players to just lose track, and it's really tempting to just skip the whole thing, even if its very important (I bloody would too!).

So I'm thinking that when uploading my adventure here, I would also upload a word/powerpoint version for convenience and inform players that pressing the Window key to go back on forth would be an optional thing if they have trouble reading the txt file. Well, I believe it will be much more helpful.

What do you guys think?
Is this a reasonably acceptable compromise to make? Y'know, do a powerpoint/word version of the txt file in each episode?

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