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Topic Subject:Advice for beginners
posted 01-10-16 07:04 ET (US)         
Hey community,

Can you guys give a new player some advice on how to take a good start on this game, which can ensure me to make progress quickly?

Thanks in advance.
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posted 01-10-16 07:53 ET (US)     1 / 3       
Which game?
posted 01-10-16 23:36 ET (US)     2 / 3       
Welcome, ConMeo.

Regardless of the game, I would advise you to just start playing based on anything you received with the game. That way you will have an understanding of the game play once you get stuck and then go looking for help.


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posted 01-11-16 12:06 ET (US)     3 / 3       
Welcome to the forums, ConMeo

All of the City Builder games include a set of tutorial missions:
* The first two missions of Caesar 3 will introduce all the basic concepts you need to know, with the peaceful arm of Mission 3 and 4 (Capua and Tarraco) expanding on these. If you want to learn the military side of the game, choose Syracusae and Tarentum instead of the ones mentioned earlier.

* The first two eras of Pharaoh cover all of the basics of building cities (from the basics of starting a city to other things later on), and a little military action in some missions. When you reach the Old Kingdom, you should have a basic knowledge of playing the game. If not, replay the Archaic Period again to get a knowledge of playing the missions.

* Zeus includes a totally separate tutorial campaign, which covers every aspect of playing the game. Play these before starting the main campaign missions.

* The first dynasty of Emperor, the Xia Dynasty, is the tutorial campaign and covers the basics of everything you need. Monument building is not covered in the tutorial, but some missions of the Shang Dynasty include monuments, which give an idea of how to build them.

I have listed all the games since you did not specify which game you are having problems with. If these don't help, I highly recommend looking on YouTube for a range of walkthroughs and let's plays by gamers which should assist greatly with the aspects of playing the games.

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